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Controllers are a critical part of any dynamic lighting control system. Controllers are used to change colors for color changing RGB and color changing and white RGBW LED strips. Controllers are also used to change and select color temperatures with color temperature changing CCT LED Strips. In addition to controlling colors and color temperatures, controllers can be used to dim single-color, white LED strips to varying light levels.

GlowbackLEDâ„¢ stocks the industry's widest selection of LED controllers in the market. We stock and carry various different types of DMX, RF, IR, and Wi-Fi operated LED controllers. Scroll down to see our Controller Selection Guide.

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Controller Selection Guide

Get the maximum utility out of your LED Strips by implementing a Controlling system. At GlowbackLEDâ„¢ we specialize in stocking commercial-grade, quality LED components. With LED systems, what you pay for is what you get. We have two different classes of LED controllers:
  • Commercial Line: OMNI Wireless Series, DMXPRO Series
  • Econo Series
Our economy line of LED controllers are good for temporary installations, ie. TV and movie sets, holiday color changing LED lighting, and trade-show displays. They can only perform the simplest functions so they aren't an option for multi-zone applications or creating complicated scenes.

Our Commercial Line of LED Controllers are split into two different categories: OMNI Wireless Series and our DMXPRO Series.

OMNI Wireless Series

OMNI Wireless Series is controlled via RF and/or Wifi. They consist of a receiver and a controller. Receivers execute the command to the LED strip lights, they perform the actual "color-mixing." Controllers send the commands to the Receivers. OMNI Wireless Controllers consist of glass touch-panels, RF remotes, and/or your smart-phone using the Easy Lighting App.


DMX is the professionals tool to controlling multiple channels of LED lights. DMX is a digital protocol for controlling lighting fixtures. Each fixture is assigned an address on a DMX receiver and commands are sent through a hardwired communication line. Communication or DMX line can be daisy-chained from fixture to fixture (receiver to receiver) to send lighting control programs. DMX allows the most versatility when controlling multiple color or phosphor LED lights. DMX can also be used with single color white LED strips for dimming control. DMX is our favorite option for controlling LED lighting.

Custom LED Lighting Controls

Certain projects require bespoke, tailored lighting controls. Whether you want to program customized scenes for your home-cinema or create color temperature changing scenes throughout the day at the local school we have the team and the tools to make it happen. Customized lighting controls and scenes are delivered to your specs. Our in-house programmer can create any type of lighting control scene, sequence, or timeline for your LED lighting system. Moreover, we work with integrator to integrate our products into your home automation systems. To learn more about customized LED lighting control, Contact-Us Today!
Customized LED Lighting Controls
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