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Achieve beautiful, even, illumination throughout your glass shelving using our one-of-a-kind LED lighted glass shelving system. Among one of our most popular products, selling several hundred units a month, our line of LED lighted glass shelving is unparalleled. Careful engineering and extensive trial and error during product development allowed us to create a system that achieves the best possibly lighting aesthetic without compromising design. Our LED lighted glass shelving systems use a special-treated Star-Fire glass with frosted edges. Our commercial-grade LED's are housed inside a retaining channel.

With our system even illumination is achieved throughout the shelf without hot-spots, visible "dots," or lighting anomalies. When lights are off glass is frosted (white). The end result is a high-end product that creates stunning shelving solutions.

Color Options:

LED Lighted Shelves are available in either Color Changing RGB, or White/ Color Changing RGB shelves are often used for bars, restaurants, hotels, and homes. White LED lighted shelves are often used for more chic and modern installations. White LED lighted shelves are available in Warm White 3000K, Natural White 4500K, and Bright White 6500K.

Mounting Options:

LED Lighted Shelves mounted on high-quality, solid, aluminum brackets. LED Lighted Shelves on brackets can hold up to 40lbs.
Turn-Key Frames: LED Lighted Glass Shelving mounted with our turn-key, hand-built wooden frames. Frames are available in any custom finish, they are built by our skilled crafstmen to order. Quality millwork takes time, please allow 3-4 weeks lead time.

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Custom Solutions

GlowbackLED­™ specializes in developing custom lighting solutions for clients. Our line of LED lighted shelving (on a frame) is amongst our most popular, customizable products. Frames can be built to custom sizes and glass (20 piece minimum) can also be produced to custom sizes. LED light color and controlling options are highly customizable. For custom shelving solutions Contact-Us today.

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