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Recessed Linear LED lighting is rapidly becoming one of the most popular light sources in residential and commercial lighting installations. Recessed linear lighting allows designers, homeowners, and installers to use their drywall as a light-art canvas. Interesting patterns and designs can be created with recessed linear LED lighting. Linear LED lighting is also a very popular linear lighting solution for under-cabinet, and under shelf lighting. The linear lighting sits flush against the routed-material. Our linear recessed/flush-mount LED fixtures are built to your specs up to 72" (96" w/ type D). For long runs, multiple fixtures can be joined with separate power feeds (there will be an end-cap to end-cap seam). Ask us about seamless recessed linear lighting runs over 78" (96" for type D). All recessed linear LED fixtures come with an 8ft power-feed chord with a Smart-Connector. Mounting options vary by fixture type, see individual product-categories for more information.

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