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Aluminum Profile "D" 4 ft Recessed Application
Slim recessed mounted Aluminum Channel 4ft, 0.6" Wide with flange (0.83"), ideally used for under cabinet lighting, showcase lighting, closets, toe-kick lighting, and stair tread lighting. Stocked and shipped from Miami, FL.
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Dotless LED fixtures

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Lenses, clips, and endcaps included
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LED Aluminum Profile D 4ft

Aluminum Profile D is a recessed mounted Aluminum profile, channel, extrusion, for low to medium output LED strips. Aluminum channel "D" can be made "dotless" with a frosted lens and our "dotless" LED strips. Use this for professional LED light installations. LED Aluminum channels act as a heat sink to protect your LED strips from overheating. Aluminum extrusions for LED strips also waterproof LED strips, ribbon in outdoor installations. For added waterproofing use an IP65 or IP68 LED Strip. Aluminum Channel "C" comes with one pair of clips, end-caps, and one clear OR frosted lens.

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Length 48" (4ft) Lens Clear or Frosted
Width 0.63" (0.97" w/ flange) Max Light Output Med (3 Watts/ft)
Height 0.60" Max Strip Width 0.44" (10mm)

Narrow design with a flange makes LED Aluminum Profile D a perfect solution for recessed (flush mounted) cabinet and shelf linear LED lighting. Deeper design allows for building DOTLESS recessed (flush mounted) linear LED fixture installation. Use under counters for toe-kick lighting. Recess in cabinets, over cabinets, or inside cabinets. Aluminum Profile D can be recessed in drywall for wall and ceiling recessed (flush mounted) linear LED lighting applications. Perfect LED aluminum housing to use under shelving in closets, bathrooms, retail stores, and more.

Install LED Aluminum housing D by first creating a groove or cavity in the desired cabinet, drywall, or shelf.
Mounting Method #1 (Use of Adhesive)
  1. Clean mounting surface (groove) of dust and residue.
  2. Apply all purpose caulking
  3. Install assembled fixture
Mounting Method #2 (Counter-Sunk Screws)
  1. Screw Aluminum housing into groove (counter-sink screws)
  2. Attach LED Strips onto Aluminum housing over counter-sunk screws

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Your full service source of LED components. We have top-quality products to build your bespoke linear LED lighting solution. Don't compromise on quality! Use our commercial grade components.

16ft 12VDC High CRI Designer Medium-Output CS35120 LED Strip 16ft 24VDC Vivid-Color and True White RGBW CS5060 Flexible LED Strip Extra Lens for Aluminum Profile D Sample of Aluminum Profile D for LED strips
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Designer UH-CRI LED Strip 3528 120/M 16foot Roll. High CRi, R9 and R13 values for a top quality source of light Color Changing and True White LED Strip (RGBW). For true white and color changing functionality. Extra lens for aluminum extrusion, housing, profile D for bright LED Strip and LED Strip lighting. Available in clear or frosted finishing. 9" Sample including diffuser lens for GlowbackLED Aluminum Profile D for LED Strip Lighting. Included Lens, diffuser. Add on LED Strips and other components
Aluminum Profile "D" 8 ft Recessed Application 16ft 12VDC Vivid-Color RGB Medium-High Output CS5060 LED Strip 16ft 12VDC Commercial Medium-Output CS35120 LED Strip Extra End-Cap Pair for Aluminum Profile D for LED Strips
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Slim recessed mounted Aluminum Channel 8ft, 0.6" Wide with flange (0.83"), ideally used for under cabinet lighting, showcase lighting, closets, toe-kick lighting, and stair tread lighting. Stocked and shipped from Miami, FL. Commercial (Architectural) Grade Color Changing RGB LED Strip. Med Density (60/M), High Output (3 Watts/foot), 16ft Roll, 5050 RGB Chip. Use in cove lighting, cabinet lighting, holiday lighting, hospitality lighting. Commercial (Architectural) Grade LED Strip. 3528 LED chips, High Density 120 LEDs/M, Indoor Grade (IP23) in a 16 foot roll. Use inside of Aluminum housings to build a professional linear LED fixture. Top-Quality LED Strips for maximum lifetime. 8mm Extra pair of end caps for aluminum profile, housing, extrusion for LED Strips type D. Includes one power-feed end-cap and one closed end-cap. Finished to match aluminum extrusion, housing finish finish.

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