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Aluminum Profile "S3" Narrow Beam Profile 78" Long
LED Aluminum Channel S3 with special lens for narrow 30 degree beam angle output. Use LED Aluminum Extrusion S3 to wall-graze. Use high output, ultra bright commercial grade LED strips and tape lights. 2-piece installation system, clipless design, track.
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For simple yet modern architectural solutions for lighting such as wall grazing, Aluminum Profile "S3" is a perfect solution. Aluminum channel "S3" can accommodate any high-output LED strip up to 0.66" (16.8mm) wide, and properly disperse heat from the strip. The compact and slim design of it allows for use of high-output, ultra-bright LED strips with a narrow aluminum extrusion. Aluminum channel "S3" uses a special PMMA clear lens to focus the light beam to 30 degrees, making this ideal for wall grazing and accenting textures. The included mounting track makes installation very simple. Aluminum extrusion “S3” is conveniently sold in 6.5ft lengths as a completed kit including a pair of end-caps, mounting sleeve, and one premium PMMA clear 30 degree lens.


  • Special Optics! 30 Degree PMMA Lens Ideal for Wall Grazing applications!

  • Light grazing optics reveal textures in walls and ceilings.

  • Maximizes Lifetime of LED strips by dissipating heat.

  • Easy to install with included mounting track.

  • Slim and compact design allows for use of high output strips with a narrow channel

  • Well-Stocked and Ready to Ship from our Miami, FL facility.



6.5' (Actual Size 78")






Clear (30 Degree)

Max Light Output

Medium (3 Watts/ft)

Max Strip Width

0.66" (16.8mm)

Aluminum profile "S3" can be surface mounted easily and conveniently with the included mounting track. Its slim and compact design allows one to install lighting in almost any area.It's specialized 30 degree lens makes it perfect for wall-grazing applications. The narrow beam angle of the light helps the light travel far up the surface of a wall and creates interesting shadows when the light bounces off of the textures on the wall.

Install in minutes with easy mounting track. Simply screw the mounting track into your desired surface, and snap your channel into place

To cut your aluminum profiles and make your lighting fixtures a custom length, simply snap the lens onto the profile, and place the channel onto a miter saw with the lens facing down. By doing this you can easily cut both the channel and lens to your desired length at the same time.

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