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LED Cabinet Lighting is quickly becoming a mandatory design feature in homes. LED lighting can be mounted under-cabinets, over cabinets, and inside of cabinets/drawers. LED cabinet lighting enhances the look and feel of any space. In addition to being a beautiful design feature, LED cabinet lighting acts as a visual aide, making it easier for users to perform tasks. Cooking, cleaning, and creating are all made easier with under cabinet LED lighting.

At GlowbackLED™ we've engineered and manufactured LED lighting optimized for cabinet lighting applications. Cabinet lighting can be achieved with either linear LED bars, or LED puck lighting. Linear LED cabinet lighting provides broad lighting coverage, the entire surface will be illuminated. Our linear LED fixtures are manufactured in sizes ranging from 11" to 96." Their universal application makes them compatible with any kitchen, closet, or cabinet. Puck lighting provides focused lighting, our pucks feature a 60° beam spread, they create a "scallop" on the back-splash or wall to create interesting design elements. Linear LED lighting and LED puck lighting can be used in unison to create unique lighting schemes. All of GlowbackLED™'s LED Cabinet Lighting feature our smart-connector system. Install LED Cabinet lighting in minutes with our plug-and-play systems.

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Product Selection Guide

Linear vs. Puck LED Cabinet Lighting? Why Not Both?

Linear LED Cabinet Lighting: Creates broad, even lighting on the backslash and counter-top. It is best used for under-cabinet lighting installations. Our Linear LED Cabinet lights pitch the light at a 20° angle in order to offer broad illumination, without wasting light that would otherwise hit the floor.

LED Puck Lighting: Creates focused, concentrated light. Will create a "scallop" on the illuminated wall. These "scallops" can act as a unique design feature and can be combined with linear LED cabinet lighting to create a dramatic lighting scheme. LED Puck lights are best used in-cabinets, for glass, display-case cabinetry, and for showcasing special items in your space:

What Size and/or Spacing do I need?

Our LED Cabinet bars are universally applicable, they are compatible with any space, cabinet, or closet. The key to selecting LED cabinet bars is to select the size that is slightly smaller than the size of your cabinet. Multiple LED Cabinet Bars can be mounted side by side to create longer runs:

Linear LED Cabinet Bar: Use with Cabinets:
Cabinet LEDBAR 11" 11"-13"
Cabinet LEDBAR 13" 13"-15"
Cabinet LEDBAR 15" 15"-19"
Cabinet LEDBAR 19" 19"-23"
Cabinet LEDBAR 23" 23"-29"
Cabinet LEDBAR 29" 29"-36"
Cabinet LEDBAR 36" 36"-42"
Cabinet LEDBAR 42" 42"-48"
Cabinet LEDBAR 48" 48" and up

The distance in between LED puck lights is really determined by personal taste. However, we recommend leaving 12-16" in between LED puck lights. Another good technique is to center them underneath cabinet doors.

What Color Temperature do I Want?

CCT or correlated color temperature is a measure (in Kelvin) of a white lights perceived color. Warmer (lower) color temperatures give off a more "yellow" light color, while higher color temperatures give off a "cooler" more blue light color. The following chart should assist you in making a selection on color temperature.

Warm White 3000K Best used in: Classic and Traditional design schemes, not as warm and "amber" as 2200K, our most poipular color temperature. LED Cabinet Lighting, LED Kitchen Lighting, LED Dining Room Lighting, Warm Linear LED Lighting
Natural White 4500K Best used in: Any design scheme. Natural white is the most neutral color temperature. Accents all colors evenly. Natural Linear LED lighting, Natural White LED Strip Lighting
Bright White 6000K Best used in: Modern and contemporary design schemes. Design schemes with a lot of white and blue elements. Accents blues and greens, can diminish the appearance of reds, yellows and oranges. (Our high CRI minimizes this effect). Cool LED light strips, Cool LED Strip lighting, LED cool linear lighting

What's Next?

Our Linear LED Cabinet Lighting and LED Cabinet Puck Lighting are universally applicable. These are low-voltage (12VDC) LED Luminaires. They require an LED driver, transformer, adapter in order to operate. Our linear LED Cabinet bars and LED Cabinet puck lights feature the same smart-connector system. Each luminaire comes with 8ft of wire with a connector at the end. Our smart-connector allows