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At GlowbackLED we have the tools needed to create custom-sized LED Panels. LED Panels are the professional's tool to back-lighting translucent material. Our LED Panels are fabricated to your spec in industry-leading turn around time.Discover the advantages to using our custom LED Panels below:

Ultimate Versatility
We offer the most options for configuring your LED Panels in the industry. Every back-lighting project requires a different type of LED Panel configuration. We have the know-how, tools, and material to develop a truly tailored back-lighting solution for your application. Back-light any translucent material to

Premium Quality
Our LED Panels are fabricated using only our trusted and verified LED lighting components. Our LED Panels have been featured in projects ranging from small residential installations, to complex, commercial back-lighting solutions. Moreover our LED panels are backed by our 3-Year Limited Warranty. Be confident in the back-lighting solution you're specifying, inexpensive alternatives can be become very expensive headaches in the future.

Project Support
Our team of specialists are ready to help you tackle your custom back-lighting projects. We offer design support, rendering services, and bidding assistance. We provide support from the planning and development phase all the way through installation and beyond. We are here to help you achieve you're desired lighting scheme.

9AM-5PM | M-F | 9AM - 5PM EST

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How to Order?

Request a Quote. Send us drawings and/or detailed specs. Give us an idea of the lighting aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

Specify your desired configuration:
  • Natural White (4500K)
  • Bright White (6500K)
  • Color Temperature Adjustable (CCT)
  • Color Changing (RGB)
  • Color Changing and White (RGBW)
For White Specify the Following:
  • Dimmable, Non-Dimmable.
Specify Material Being Back-Lit: Stone, Veneer, Graphic, Photograph, Etc

Approve Quote. Once order has been processed and all relevant drawings and/or templates are received LED Panels will go into production queue.

Production. LED Panels are fabricated to your specs. LED Panels are fabricated with applicable cut-outs, mounting-holes for screws or stand-offs, etc.

LED Panel Delivery. LED Panels are shipped.

M-F | 9AM-5PM | EST