Linear Lighting

Explore our unparalleled selection of linear LED lighting available in light aperture widths ranging from 1/2" to 4" wide; light output levels ranging from 150 lumens/ft to 1,900 lumens/ft; Color Temperatures from 2200K-6500K, RGB, RGB+W, or Tunable White. Constructed from high-quality components (Made or Assembled in the USA) and UL-listed these linear LED lights can be used in any commercial project. View our entire selection of recessed, surface, and pendant/suspended linear lighting offerings. Need Help? Let our team help you specify our products on your project! Contact Us Today


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Recessed Linear Lighting Options

Our Recessed Linear LED Lighting is available in two standard variations: with a flange (or visible trim) or "mud-in" style (Trimless). Our "flanged" (visible trim) recessed linear LED lighting options are more commonly used on commercial projects and drop ceilings. The flange conceals the rough-cut drywall and requires no special finishing. Our "Mud-In" or Trim-less Recessed Linear LED Light Options have an integrated plaster bead allowing one to "mud up" to the light without leaving a visible trim. Our "Mud-In" or "Plaster Finish" Recessed Linear LED Light fixtures are popular for residential applications, where seam-less and trim-less lighting is preferable.

Pedant (Suspended) Linear Lighting Options

Our Pendant (Suspended) Linear LED Lighting is available in a wide array of configurations and suitable for suspension on any ceiling type. Our Pendant Linear LED Fixtures are available as a down light only or as an Direct/Indirect or Up/Down light style configuration. Our suspended linear LED fixtures are available in brushed aluminum, matte black, and matte white finishes. Custom powder coating is available by request. Our Pendant Linear LED Fixtures can be made to custom sizes, continuous runs (over 8ft), or to custom shapes and patterns.

Surface Mount Linear Lighting Options

Our Surface Mount Linear LED Lighting is available in various light aperture widths ranging from 1 inch to 4 inches wide, either in line voltage (120-277VAC) input or slim and sleeker low-voltage (12 or 24VDC). Our surface mount linear lights come with various attractive finish options: matte black or white or our standard brushed aluminum finish. Surface mounted linear lighting can be installed in long continuous runs or made to custom shapes and patterns to meet your design requirements.