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Dear Valued Customer,

Due to ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks throughout the world and unusually high demand for products across all industries, us and many other US-based manufacturers are facing global supply chain shortages of nearly all products. Although at GlowbackLED we’ve always strived to get ahead of these issues and maintain consistent lead times, it has come to a point where we can no longer meet all obligations. We’re asking our customers to please be understanding of the effects of this ongoing global crisis.

Shipping prices and transit times have increased exponentially as there is severe congestion at both outbound and inbound ports. Furthermore, our Domestic Shipping Partners (ie. FedEx) have been similarly affected and are regularly late on shipments. Because of all these factors we also ask our customers to understand that prices will change, and likely increase, and ask that you regularly reach out to us for price changes, should you have an upcoming project and an older quote.

Our team has been working tirelessly to source alternative components to prevent disruptions and keep resilience with our suppliers. It pains us, just as much as you, to provide you with such information. We hope our transparency clears any concerns.

Our recommendations to help ensure a smooth order fulfillment process:

  1. Order material beforehand rather than later to ensure availability and pricing.
  2. Order material all at once rather than in different blocks to ensure availability and pricing.
  3. Expect longer transit times and possible delays. Fedex is currently understaffed and has been experiencing many delays. If materials are required on a certain date opt in for Express shipping to ensure a guaranteed arrival date.

We will continue to attend to all your inquiries. Please inform your assigned project manager if there are any urgent requests. We do appreciate your understanding as these matters have gone beyond our control.


Bluegate Inc. Management