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Used to illuminate translucent stone, graphics, and materials LED Panels are the premier back lighting solution of the future. Manufactured to your specs, our custom LED panel program has quickly become an industry favorite. Unparalleled versatility, quality, and support are all reasons we continue to get specified on projects nationwide. Discover the advantages of partnering with us on your next LED back-lighting project.

The GlowbackLED® LED Advantage:

Manufactured to Your Needs
Our LED panel lights are a turn-key solution, manufactured to your specs to achieve your desired lighting aesthetic. Available in any color temperature, color, shape or size, our custom LED panel lighting system offers unparalleled versatility manufactured in our Miami, FL USA headquarters.

Premium Quality
Our LED Panels are fabricated using only our trusted and verified LED lighting components. Our LED Panels have been featured in projects ranging from small residential installations, to complex, commercial back-lighting solutions. Moreover our LED panels are backed by our 3-Year Limited Warranty and with a lifetime rating of over 50,000 hours Be confident in the back-lighting solution you're specifying, inexpensive alternatives can be become very expensive headaches in the future.

Project Support
Our team of specialists are ready to help you tackle your custom back-lighting projects. We offer design support, rendering services, and bidding assistance. We provide support from the planning and development phase all the way through installation and beyond. We are here to help you achieve you're desired lighting scheme.

Unlike other LED panel manufacturers we take the time to configure your panel lighting system. All LED drivers and components are "rigged" for plug-and-play installations with connectors (from LED panel to driver), and come with a designated layout for installation. Save time and money at installation and use our preconfigured systems tailored to your project needs.

Manufactured in Miami, our LED panels are the ultimate solution for achieving broad, even, and dramatic back-lighting illumination in one low-profile package. Our LED panels come in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 5/8," a project manager will specify the correct configuration for your project. No other back-lighting solution offers even, unbroken back-lighting in under 5/8". LED panel lighting is typically used to back-light translucent stone, graphics, and other specialized translucent materials. Our LED panel lighting systems can be fully dimmable to off using our dimmable MLV LED drivers. Additionally our full LED panel line is UL-listed, an industry standard for safety, featuring our own UL-registration number.


  • Achieve even illumination with under 5/8" of space
  • Manufactured to project specs: any size, shape, or specification.
  • Available in custom configurations: color temperature CCT, in color changing RGB, color changing and white RGBW, and tunable white CCT
  • Manufactured to your specs in Miami, FL | Made in USA
  • Quick and Headache-Free Installation with our Pre-configured systems for plug-and-play installations
  • Dimmable
  • 50,000+ Lifetime
  • Maintenance Free: Lasting lighting solution
  • UL-Listing: We are a UL-Registered Manufacturer
  • Industry Leading Turn-Around Times

Why use LED Panels?

LED Panels are the optimum solution for back-lighting. Costumers regularly come to us disappointed with other back-lightning solutions. LED strips may be a cheaper alternative but create hot-spots and uneven lighting on the illuminated surface. LED panels are the only solution to achieving even illumination on a translucent surface. below is an example of an installation using LED strips, vs an installation using LED panels. Keep in mind that implementing LED panels after installation is difficult and expensive.

Onyx back-lit using linear LED strips, hot-spots of light created.Onyx back-lit using our Frame-less LED panels. Even lighting throughout


LED Panels are an ultra-slim back lighting solution. Other back-lighting solutions (ie. light boxes) are bulky and require a lot of space. They also require a lot of labor to install and work effectively. Versatility of LED Panels and their ultra-slim design allows them to extend over cabinet surface to illuminate overhangs wherever needed. Lighting doesn't have to be cut-off because of internal framing components of cabinetry as is typical with light-box back-lighting systems. See a typical counter-top set up below:

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