Glowback LED™ is proud to present the premier architectural LED lighting solution: The Nicolaudie STICK Family. The Nicolaudie STICK family is the most versatile color changing (tune-able), multiple-channel, LED lighting solution in its market. The STICK family controls LED fixtures over DMX, and is therefore used in unison with our DMX PRO series receivers. STICK Controllers are delivered blank, in order to control lights they need to programmed to achieve the desired lighting "scene." The STICK family allows both static and dynamic "scenes." Scenes are programmed onto the Easy Stand Alone Software (included with STICK controllers) and then saved onto STICK controllers. Our basic Nicolaudie Stick GU-2 is simply used to alternate in between different scenes. The STICK DE3 and CU4 allow for instantaneous control inputs (change color, change dimming level, etc).

What's Included?

We are proud to stock, carry, and program Nicolaudie STICK family products. When purchasing a Nicolaudie controller you receive the following:

  • Nicolaudie STICK Controller (BLANK)
  • Relevant Power Supply
  • Easy Stand Alone Software (To program STICK controller)

The STICK controller is delivered blank. The scenes need to be programmed and saved onto the STICK controller to operate with your DMX lighting system. STICK Controllers are only compatible with DMX addressable fixtures. STICK controllers work in unison with our DMXPRO receivers.


Given that STICK Controllers are delivered "blank," the desired scenes need to be programmed to achieve your desired lighting control functionality. Simple scene programs can be done by inexperienced users. However our in-house programmers are able to help you achieve your desired lighting control functionality.


Nicolaudie STICK controllers are easily integrated into most home automation system. Recall Nicolaudie static and dynamic scenes through various high-end home automation systems. Nicolaudie STICK controllers support remote triggering, dry-contact triggering, TCP recalls, and more. We work with integrators to implement our lighting systems.

Nicolaudie STICK Selection Guide

Use the following chart to help select the best STICK product for your LED lighting system

Nicolaudie Controller
DMX Channels 128 Total 42 RGB LED Fixtures 32 RGBW LED Fixtures 64 CCT LED Fixtures 128 White LED Fixtures 512 Total 170 RGB LED Fixtures 128 RGBW LED Fixtures 256 CCT LED Fixtures 512 White LED Fixtures 2 x 512 Total (1024) 340 RGB LED Fixtures 256 RGBW LED Fixtures 512 CCT LED Fixtures 1028 White LED Fixtures
# of Zones/Rooms/Areas 1 1 up to 10
# of Scenes 24 36 500
Stand Alone Memory 12KB 76KB up to 32GB
Connectors Screw-In Terminal Screw-In Terminal RJ45 Screw-In Terminal RJ45
Integration into Automation System? Limited Limited Yes
Port Triggering 1 8 8
Clock Triggering No No 100
Color Palette/Wheel No Yes Yes

Where to use:

Nicolaudie STICK-GU2:

Nicolaudie STICK GU2 has (3) working touch buttons, previous, next, and on/off. Users program their scenes using the Easy Stand Alone Software (included) and save it onto the Nicolaudie STICK GU2. The STICK GU2 is then used to shift through those scenes. the Stick-GU2 is a great solution for a single room application where instantaneous ability to change color or dimming levels is not required. With the Stick GU2, scenes are programmed to achieve pre-selected dimming levels and colors.

Nicolaudie STICK-CU4:

The Nicoladuie STICK CU4 works similar to the STICK-GU2; however, in addition to allowing users to toggle though pre-programmed scenes. The CU4 allows users to make instantaneous changes to colors (color temperature) and brightness right on the touch panel. The CU4 is great for medium sized projects and single area/room/zone applications.

Nicoladuie STICK-DE3:

The Nicolaudie STICK DE3 is the most powerful touch-panel in the series. The STICK-DE3 allows users to switch between 10 different zones, make instantaneous changes to the color/color temperature and brightness all from one screen. Able to control up to 10 zones, the STICK-DE3 has an integrated screen that allows users to assign pictures to each zone. When users select a new zone a picture of that zone will appear on the display. The Nicolaudie STICK DE3 is best suited for large, demanding projects where lights are to be controlled over several room/area/zones.

At GlowbackLED™ we specialize in delivering tailored lighting solutions. Are team is equipped to deliver you a pre-configured, and bespoke programmed Nicolaudie STICK Controller to achieve your desired lighting control functionality. No project is too big or too small. Contact-Us today to get started on your custom LED lighting system. Turn-Key is our specialty!

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