O M N I Wireless Series

Control your LED strip lighting using our OMNI wireless system. OMNI Wireless systems work with RF and/or Wifi to control your LED Strip lights. OMNI Wireless systems work with receivers. Receivers are available in just RF or RF and Wifi. For multiple zones use RF receivers and add a Wi-Fi to RF Hub. OMNI wireless systems are best used across one or two rooms. For more complex lighting control projects switch over to a PRODMX system. For OMNI Wireless systems first pick your controller or controllers (touch panel, remote, and/or use smartphone/tablet), multiple receivers cam be controlled from ONE remote, touch-panel, or phone. Receivers are limited to 4-5A per Channel, for extended runs use our power repeaters.For more information see our O M N I RF Product Selection Below:

Proffesional Grade Wireless LED Controls. RF and/or Wifi. Use remotes, glass touch-panels, and your smart phone to control your LED lighting system.