O M N I RF Wireless Glass Touch Panel Controller for RGB LED Strips

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For those looking to control their Color Changing RGB or RGB+ True White LED Lights from an attractive and high-end full touch integrated switch, our BG2830 Touch RGB Controller is a perfect solution. Featuring an ultra-sensitive backlit touch display on high end durable glass, this attractive and modern controller allows one to control Up to 4 Zones of Color Changing RGB or Color Changing and True White (RGB+W) LED lights when paired with one of our OMNI RF Receivers. Easily control color and brightness (dimming) of each zone independently or in unison. Save up to three custom scenes and choose from several different color chasing dynamic modes. Our 4-Zone OMNI RF RGB/RGBW Remote must be used with a compatible OMNI RF receiver (Indoor Rated OMNI RF Receiver, Outdoor Rated OMNI RF Receiver, or Power-Supply and OMNI RF-Receiver-in-One).


  • Simple Pairing Easily Pair with compatible OMNI RF Receivers, by simple click of the "learn" key

  • Zone Control Control up to 4 zones independently (or together)

  • Custom Scenes Program up to (3) Custom Scenes

  • Attractive color line for accurate and precise color changing

  • Dimming Control Color AND Intensity of Lighting. Dim Lighting to any level!

  • UL Listed Can be specified on any commercial project!

  • Control 4 Channels Control RGB (3-Channel) OR RGB+W (4 -Channel) LED Strip Lighting

  • Built in Memory Won't un-pair or forget last setting after power outage

  • Wi-Fi Compatible Use with our Wi-Fi Hub!

Quick Specs


4.72" x 2.17" x 0.70"


RF (434MHz, 869.5MHz, or 916.5MHz)


Control up to 4 Zones


Program/Save up to 3 Scenes


10 built-in Dynamic Modes (Color Changing Patterns)


Suitable for RGB or RGB+W LEDs


Powered by Power Supply


Indoor Use Only




Control (4) Zones of Lighting independently and choose from hundreds of different hues of colors using the color line. To select from millions of hues, use the built in "channel mixer" to incandescently adjust the values of each color. Control Color Changing (RGB) or Color Changing+True White (RGB+W) LED Strip Lighting.

Best Used with the Compatible GlowbackLED Products

Indoor Rated OMNI RF Receiver

Outdoor Rated OMNI RF Receiver
24V 96W Power Supply and RF-Receiver-in-One
Power Repeater (Use when multiple power supplies are needed for a single zone)
Wi-Fi Hub
RF Wireless Glass Touch Panel Controller for RGB LED Strips
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Make sure to review product specs before purchasing Controller and Receivers. Contact-Us for assistance with more product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST | Sales@bluegateinc.com

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