Led linear lighting solution

Sleek and Attractive lighting for Modern and Traditional Spaces Alike!

Linear lighting has become a popular design feature. The sleek lines of light produce bright and powerful light that acts as a unique architectural feature of your space. Architects and designers are increasingly incoporating linear lighting into their designs for new and modern homes, remodeling traditional homes with a modern touch, and throughout commercial and retail spaces.

Clean and Sleek Lines of Light

The Modern Lighting Solution for Traditional and Modern Spaces

Linear lighting is a type of light fixture with a linear shape, able to be arranged in various ways and installed in different styles. Linear pendant fixtures hang from various ceiling styles and are one of our top-requested linear illumination mounts. We offer recessed lighting, needing a cavity in your ceiling to sit flush. We offer two types of recessed linear lighting: trimless or flanged (has visible trim). Trimless lighting has grown in popularity due to its seamless appearance; one only sees even lines of illumination after the ceiling is finished, installed flush with a layer of plaster or "mud". The last option for linear lights is called surface mount. These lights are attached directly to the ceiling and will hang down to the height of the fixture.

Pendant Linear Lights

Pendant Linear Lights are a popular solution for lighting kitchen islands, bars, and office spaces. The sleek and clean linear suspension lights make excellent solutions for lighting desks, dining room tables, and conference rooms. Our fixtures come in matte black, satin aluminum, and matte white for commercial spaces and can be customized with any RAL color, textured metals, wood covers, etc. They're easily suspended or hanged from any ceiling type and include suspension cables and mounting hardware.

Recessed Linear Lighting

Recessed Linear Lighting is very adaptable, easily fitting into any type of room, from classic to contemporary. Trimless Recessed Linear lights have an integrated plaster bead that requires plastering and sanding after installation. Our Trimmed Recessed Lighting includes a flange that facilitates installation. It covers the drywall cut, eliminating the need for plastering and sanding. It is compatible with all drop-ceiling types, making it ideal for offices.

Surface Mount Linear Lighting

Surface Mount Linear Lighting is perfect for low ceilings, as it mounts directly onto the finished ceiling. Pre-fabricated holes make installation easy, simply pass a screw through the hole and use screws and anchors suitable for your project.

Dimmable Linear Lighting

Dimming Our linear lights feature 0-10V dimming. This is dependable, but extra wiring is necessary. Alternatively, fixtures are available with Phase Dimmable dimming, ideal for remodels where extra wires cannot be passed.

Endless Runs of Linear Lights

Continuous Runs: Our linear lighting maxes out at 8ft per piece, but we can make linkable fixtures to create longer, continuous runs with near-endless connections for a smooth, extended lighting display.

Endless Design Capabilities

Custom Layouts and Shapes:We provide custom linear lighting tailored to any shape/pattern. Common shapes are rectangles and squares we miter-cut the corners for flawless connections. Complex patterns and layouts are also available. Contact us for your personalized lighting design!