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Recessed Linear Light Options

Recessed Linear Lighting has become one of the most popular lighting styles for spaces of all looks and designs. Integrating smooth and continuous lines of lighting into your home, residence, or office creates a sleek and elegant look. We offer an unrivaled variety of recessed linear lighting solutions starting from 1/2 inch wide and going all the way up to 4 inch wide recessed linear lighting. Our most compact linear lighting solutions can be used for shelving, under-cabinet lighting, closets, and wall units. For drywall installations, our most compact solutions (less than depth of drywall) are generally only suitable for decorative or ambient lighting purposes. For general lighting applications (sole source of light in a space), our light fixtures generally require a minimum clearance of 1.30 inches (recessed depth) for low-voltage models or 3 inches for "line-voltage" models (allows one to connect directly to 120-277VAC). Our recessed lighting can be recessed into any drywall, solid, or drop ceiling; and we also have a series of "Trim-Less" light fixtures which have an integrated "plaster-bead" allowing one to mud-up, sand, and finish right up to the lens. All of our Recessed Linear LED Fixtures are UL-Listed and suitable for use on any commercial project. Contact-Us for custom configurations, sizes, and shapes!

  • Low-Voltage, Recessed w/ Trim
  • Decorative, Shelf, Task Lighting
  • < 1/2" Recessed Depth
  • 12-24VDC Input
  • Custom Sizes
  • RGB, RGB+W, and Tunable White
  • 120-277VAC Input Available
  • 12-24VDC Input (Less Clearance)
  • Customizable
  • 120-277VAC Input Available
  • 12-24VDC Input (Less Clearance)
  • Ultra High-Output Capable
  • 120-277VAC Input
  • Bold, 4" Wide Recessed Linear
  • Excellent Office Lighting Solution
  • 12-24VDC Input
  • Clean, Trim-Less Look
  • Customize to any Size
  • 120-277VAC Input Available
  • 12-24VDC Input (Less Clearance)
  • Seam-Less Plaster-In Lighting
  • 120-277VAC Input Available
  • 12-24VDC Input (Less Clearance)
  • High-Output Linear Mud-In Lighting
  • 120-277VAC Input
  • Trim-less 4" Wide Recessed Linear
  • High-Output 4" Mud-In Linear Lighting

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At GlowbackLED we're not just an industry leading manufacturer of high-quality Linear light fixtures, but also industry experts with all things related to lighting. We're proud to offer an unrivaled level of FREE Project Support with all of our orders. Our team's goal is to simplify the buying experience by assisting our clients in specifying the BEST system to meet their requirements and budget. Our team of experts can take your lighting plans, identify all areas requiring linear lighting, and provide you with a complete take-off and detailed quote using our high quality and dependable products. We are equipped to design a system meeting your illuminace (foot candle requirements) and even offer free lighting design services on select project. Discover the GlowbackLED Advantage today

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Our team will take your lighting plans and specify our lighting!
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Project Management
Complete support from the planning and design phase to installation and beyond.
Design Support
Let us help you realize any lighting vision, our team is fully equipped to assist with design, including meeting lighting (foot candle) requirements.


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