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In the realm of custom LED lighting, sought to elevate its digital radiance. Join us on this transformative journey as MAKDigital illuminated every facet of their online presence, blending brilliance with functionality.

BigCommerce Development Services

Data Migration:

The migration from Volusion to BigCommerce wasn't just a move; it was a strategic shift. Our thorough data Migration ensured a platform robust enough for GlowbackLED's growth, seamlessly preserving vital information and providing a stable foundation for future expansions.

Custom Features & Functionality (Product Filtering with React):

Crafting a bespoke product filtering system with React enhanced the user experience, guiding customers through a seamlessly filtered array of products. This custom feature provided a dynamic and engaging platform, making product discovery intuitive and enjoyable.


Harmonizing with third-party solutions such as Avalara Tax, Cloudinary, and Shipper HQ streamlined GlowbackLED's digital ecosystem for efficiency. These integrations optimized various processes, ensuring a seamless and enhanced overall user experience.

BigCommerce Design Services

Website Redesign:

The Website Redesign wasn't just about aesthetics; it was a reimagination of GlowbackLED's brand identity. This strategic move showcased not just products but the essence of the brand, creating a visually appealing design that mirrored the brilliance of each LED strip.

Custom Page Templates:

Acting as meticulously designed frames, Custom Page Templates were visual narratives. They provided clarity and sophistication to each page, ensuring a cohesive online experience that highlighted GlowbackLED's bespoke fixtures.

Art Direction/UX/UI:

Beyond aesthetics, Art Direction, UI, and UX Design were the architects of a seamless user journey. This cohesive narrative not only visually appealed but also guided users effortlessly, creating an immersive and engaging online experience.

BigCommerce SEO Services

On-page Optimizations:

Careful tending of the digital soil, On-page Optimizations ensured every piece of content flourished brightly. Enhanced visibility and relevance on search engine result pages were the fruits of this meticulous effort, attracting users and potential customers.

Keyword Research:

Strategic research of keywords was akin to selecting the right spectrum for optimal growth. This effort ensured GlowbackLED's glow radiated prominently in the virtual garden, attracting users and potential customers based on relevant search queries.

As the curtain falls on this digital performance, GlowbackLED's website stands not just as a platform but as a testament to collaborative brilliance. Illuminate your spaces today with - a beacon of bespoke creations guided by the touch of MAKDigital's expertise. The digital journey continues, resonating with wonders and the promise of a brighter, more engaging online presence.

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