Commercial-Grade LED Strips & Solutions

LED strips are the main component of a linear LED lighting system. Their lifetime is affected by heat, dust and water. To maximize the lifetime of your LED and for proper installation, we always recommend use of an aluminum profile. GlowbackLED stocks over 75 different LED profiles with aluminum housings so you can achieve your desired lighting effects. Our LED strips are commercial-grade and great to use in architectural-grade applications. Shop our commercial-grade LED lighting strips and find your channel profiles at the bottom of the page.

Profiles and Channels for Our Commercial LED Strip Lights

Your lighting design is more than just your LED strip - you need to make sure you have the appropriate housing that will give you the desired effect. That’s where our options for LED strip light profiles and channels come in. Depending on your inspiration, you will need to choose from our “Dotless” LED Bar, our Frosted Lenses and our bare LED strips.