16ft 24VDC Tunable White CCT 24VCS35120 LED Strip

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/ Description

Utilizing 2 LED chips in one powerful package to create a full range of color temperatures from 2600K-7000K our Tunable White 24V CS35120CCT LED strip allows you to create intelligent, dynamic white LED lighting in your space. Our 24V CS35120CCT LED strip is specifically designed for high-quality, permanent installations. Easily cut, peel, and stick the flexible tunable white light tape to your mounting surface using the durable 3M® adhesive backing. Achieve well over 50,000 hours of useful tunable white lighting when used with one of our aluminum profiles for LED strips to draw out the heat and protect the strips from damaging elements. View Spec Sheet Here!

The 24V CS35120CCT LED Strip comes in a 16’5” roll/reel and is 0.39” (10mm) wide. 3528 LED chips are mounted on a flexible PCB every 0.31” apart. The full LED strip spool has 600 LEDs packed in a medium-density—36 LED/ft (120/M)—configuration. The LED strip comes with (1) 6” 18-3 wire lead with bare, tin-coated ends, for fast and reliable wire-to-wire connections. This LED Strip can be tuned to any color temperature of white from 2600K to 6500K. The Tunable White 24V CS35120CCT LED Strip consumes an average of 5 Watts/ft (82 Watts total) and produces a maximum of 440 lumens/ft, but averages at 220 lumens/ft. Effortlessly cut this LED strip every 1.95” (or every 6 LED chips).

Our 24V CS35120CCT LED Strip can be used to create dynamic white LED lighting, which makes this an excellent solution for hospitals, schools, offices, work spaces and more. Tunable White technology will quickly take hold as the latest standard in lighting.

24V CS35120CCT LED Strip Features

  • Highest Quality Color Changing Tunable White LED Strip Lighting at the Best Prices!

  • UL-Listed (USA AND Canada)

  • Well Stocked, and Ready-to-Ship from Miami, FL

  • High-Density LED Strip Lighting (36/foot or 120/M)

  • Fully Dimmable and Controllable (Requires Controller to operate)

  • 16'5" roll, easily cuttable every 1.95"

  • Medium Light Output | 220 Lumens/ft Average

  • Consumes 5 Watts/ft at 24VDC

  • Dependable and Durable. Backed by our 3-Year Warranty

Quick Specs

Operating Voltage


Roll Length

16' 5"

Strip Width

0.39" [10mm]

Cut Increments

Every 1.95"

Power Consumption

5 Watts/foot (Average) see full product specs

Light Output

220 Lumens/ft (Average)


2600K-7000K Range

24V CS35120CCT LED Strip Operation

For optimal results and performance, our Tunable White 24V CS35120CCT LED Strip should be installed inside an aluminum profile for LED Strips. We strongly discourage using quick-connectors with this LED strip, soldering is the only way to get a sure-fire, head-ache free connection! Don’t know how to solder? Let us make you UL-listed LED bars with 5-Year Warranty! We’ll also solder leads onto LED strips to any size! View our LED strip instructions here

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Brightness Meter
220 lumens/foot | 5 Watts/foot
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/Product Specs

Tunable White 24V CS35120 CCTLED Strip Specifications

Make sure to review product specs before purchasing LED strip. Contact-Us for assistance with product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST | Sales@bluegateinc.com

Product Code


Operating Voltage


Roll Length

16' 5"

Strip Width

0.39" [10mm]

Cut Increments

Every 1.95"

Power Consumption (Full Roll)

80.16 Watts (5.01 Watts/ft)

Power Consumption (3ft Section)

18.04 Watts (5.50 Watts/ft)

Light Output

220 Lumens/ft (Average)


85 Lumens/Watt

Color Temperatures

Select any CCT from 2600K to 7000K using the appropriate controller

Power Feed

6" 18-3 Wire w/ Tin Coated Ends

IP Rating

Rated for Indoor Use Only

LED Chip


LED Density

36 LEDs/ft (120/M)

Color Rendering



Requires a Controller


50,000 Hours (Average)


3-Year Limited Warranty

220 lumens/foot | 5 Watts/foot
Spec Sheet:
Light Color:
Tunable White
Light Output:
Color Rendering:
90+ CRI
Cove Lighting
Cabinet Lighting
Task Lighting
Lumen Output:
200 - 300 Lumens/ft
80 - 90 Lumens/Watt
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