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These are our surface-mounted aluminum profiles. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use our smaller aluminum profiles for task and decorative lighting purposes. Our larger surface-mounted aluminum profiles can house high-output LED strips and be used for general lighting purposes. Our surface-mounted aluminum profiles are sold as a complete kit and include your choice of lens, including one set of end caps and mounting clips (when applicable).

Surface Mounted Aluminum Profiles are available in the following mount types:

Clip Mounting

  • Install in minutes! Screw clips into mounting surface and LED light channel snaps into place

Track Mounting

  • Profiles S1, S2, S3, W, and X use a track mounting system. The track is mounted into mounting surface and the LED housing is snapped into the track.
  • Clipless Design! No visible mounting clips for clean installations

Direct Screw Mounting

  • Profiles P, P2, P6, T, U, and V2 are designed to be screwed directly into mounting surface.
  • Clipless Design! No visible mounting clips for clean and attractive installations.

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Slim, Low-Profile, LED Aluminum Profile "A" 8 ft 1/4" Inch Deep for LED Strips SLim, Compact, Aluminum Extrusion "B" 1/2 inch High for Dotless LED Strip Lighting Aluminum Profile B2 for Dotless LED Strips 8ft 96" Compact Aluminum Channel "E" for LED Strips in 8ft Sections
Aluminum Extrusion "F" for Under Cabinet LED Strip Lighting Surface Mounted Aluminum Profile "G" Round LED Housing with Frosted Lens
8ft | 0.70"W x 0.28"D 8ft | 0.70"W x 0.60"D 8ft | 0.70"W x 0.50"D 8ft | 0.68"W x 0.50"D 8ft | 0.69"W x 0.50"D 8ft | 0.73"W x 0.48"D
Aluminum Channel "H" for Closet, Retail, and other LED Display Lighting 8ft 96" Aluminum Profile H2 for Display LED Strips. 90 degree Light Output for Retail LED Strips LED Aluminum Channel "I" for Corner Mounted LED Strips Slim Low Profile Aluminum LED Channel "J" for LED Strips Compact Aluminum Profile 78" J2 for High Output Bright LED Strip Lights Corner Mounted Aluminum Channel with Diffuser "K" 8 ft
8ft | 0.73"W x 0.73"D 8ft | 0.73"W x 0.73"D 8ft | 1.17"W x 0.82"D 78" | 0.67"W x 0.35"D 78" | 0.67"W x 0.60"D 8ft | 0.64"W x 0.64"D
Corner Mounted Aluminum Channel "L" for Closet, Cabinet, and Display Case LED Strip Lighting. 1" Inche Wide Aluminum Housing for High CRI LED Strips 8ft 78" 6.5 ft Aluminum Profile O4 for High Output LED Strips. Aluminum Channel for Pendant Mounting Linear LED Strip Lighting "P" in 78" 6.5 Sections with Diffuser Aluminum Profile P2 for Suspending LED Strips 78" with Rounded Lens
8ft | 0.64"W x 0.64"D 8ft | 0.93"W x 0.35"D 8ft | 0.40"W x 0.51"D 78" | 0.93"W x 0.59"D 78" | 0.80"W x 1.06"D 8ft | 0.80"W x 0.1.06"D
2 Inch Wide Aluminum Profile "P6" 8ft for 2 Rows of High Output Ultra Bright LED Strips Aluminum Profile P7 for High Ouput LED Strips. 78" 6.5' with space for integral LED driver. Aluminum Channel with Rounded Lens "R2" 78" for LED Strips Track mounted Aluminum Profile Kit S1 with Clear of Frosted Lens 78 Inch 6.5 foot Squared Lens Aluminum Profile S2 for High Output LED Strip Lighting. Snap Track Installation Aluminum Profile S3 78" 6.5 ft with Narrow Beam Optic for Grazing LED Lighting Effect
8ft | 1.97"W x 1.38"D 78" | 1.96"W x 2.75"D 78" | 1.03"W x 01.3"D 78" | 0.80"W x 0.78"D 78"| 0.80"W x 0.78"D 78" | 0.80"W x 0.62"D
Decorative Curved Aluminum Housing for LED Strip Lighting "S4" 6.5 ft. Corner Mounted High-Output LED Strip Channel "T" 78 Inch 6.5ft Aluminum Channel U for High Output 12mm LED Strips 96 Inch 8ft 1" Wide Surface Mount or Suspended LED Aluminum Profile for High Output Strips Surface Mounted Aluminum Profile W for High Output LED Strips Side Mounted Aluminum Profile X 78" 6.5 ft for High Output LED Strips
78" | 2.25"W x 0.40"D 78" | 1.17"W x 1.17"D 8ft | 1.17"W x 1.17"D 8ft | 1.38"W x 1.38"D 78" | 1.64"W x 1.38"D 78" | 1.65"W x 1.38"D

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Surface mounted Aluminum Channel H 4ft, 0.73" Wide 0.73"H, ideally used for under cabinet lighting, showcase lighting, closets, toe-kick lighting, and stair tread lighting. Stocked and shipped from Miami, FL. Use with 10mm LED Strips LED Channel "H" 4 ft
Our Price: $22.90
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