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Vivid-Color Changing & True White (RGBW) LED Strips

Our advanced Color Changing and White RGBW LED Strips feature 4-in-1 LED chips in one small package to help you achieve a full range of vivid LED color. Our commercial RGBW LED strips are an excellent solution for spaces where colored lighting as well as true white LED lighting is desired. Our advanced phosphor coatings create a powerful 4-in-1 package that produces true white lighting with high color rendering >90. Unlike cheap alternatives, our RGBW LED strip lighting features four chips in one package, as opposed to alternating RGB and White LED chips. This 4-in-1 technology allows us to achieve high-density, high-output and vivid color changing and white LED lighting on one slim LED strip. Additionally, our RGBW LED strip lighting features advanced thermal properties and top-quality components. Cheap alternatives often become expensive headaches. Shop our products with confidence. Manufactured to the highest standards, our RGBW LED strips are a commercial and specification-grade LED solution.

LED Strip Selection Guide

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Color Changing and White RGBW LED Strips require a 12VDC or 24VDC Power Supply, Receivers, and Controllers. Use the overview below to help you select the right products to get your RGBW LED Strip Lighting System working.

Power Supplies

RGBW LED Strips require a 12VDC or 24VDC Power Supply. Refer to product specs for power consumption of RGBW LED Strips. We recommend you use on of our Mean Well Class-2 electronic LED Drivers.

LED Drivers are available in higher wattages, however we strongly discourage use of LED drivers outside of Class-2 limits.

Controller and Receiver Pairing Guide

RGBW LED Strips require a controller for operations. Controllers work with receivers to control your RGBW LED Strip lighting. A Controller can be an RF remote, your smartphone or tablet, a programmable DMX touch-panel, or even integration into a home automation system. Use the guide below to determine your desired Controller and Receiver pairing:

Device Controller Receiver
RF Remote
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RGBW O M N I RF Remote

RF Receiver
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Smart Phone O M N I WiFi Receiver
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O M N I DMX touch Panel O M N I DMX Receiver
Programmable Touch Panel
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O M N I DMX Receiver

Note: every receiver needs its own Class-2 Power-Supply. Multiple receivers can be used with the same controller. If you want all lights to perform the same function, use a power-repeater or amplifier for each additional strip. Each power repeater requires its own Class- 2 Power Supply as well.

Example Set Up

A basic setup of one 12VDC RGBW LED Strip operated through an RF remote requires the following components at the minimum.

12VDC RGBW LED Strip 60W Class-2 Driver O M N I RF Receiver O M N I RF Remote
12VDC RGBW LED Strip 12V Class-2 Mean Well Driver O M N I RF Receivers O M N I RF RGBW Remote

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