Commercial Color-Changing RGB LED Strips

Create millions of different colors using our Commercial Grade Color Changing RGB LED Strips. Through use of a controller, our color changing RGB LED strips can be operated in countless different functions. Our top-quality LED manufacturing practices create precise dramatic and vivid colors. These color changing LEDs are a specification grade product, and are designed to be used by our O M N I architectural controllers. We also configure, design and program, bespoke color changing LED controlling systems to your specs. Contact-Us today.


Below you will find information to assist you with selecting the right Commercial LED RGB Strip for your project. Color Changing RGB LED strips require the use of a controller (and receiver) to operate the color changing functionality. We also recommend use of an Aluminum Profile, Housing, Extrusion with your Commercial Color Changing RGB LED Strips.


Measured in Density of LEDs/Meter

Light Density Light Output Applications
30/M Medium (1.5 W/ft) Where an ambient lighting effect is desired ie: Cove Lighting, Toe-Kick Lighting, Indoor RGB Lighting, Accent Lighting, Restaurant Accent Lighting, Hospitality Ambient Lighting, Etc
60/M High (3 W/ft) Where more powerful and dramatic Colored Light is desired ie: Outdoor Lighting, Wall-Washing, Wall-Grazing, RGB Restaurant Lighting, RGB Hospitality Lighting, RGB Task Lighting, Marine Lighting, Landscape Lighting


LED Strips ability to withstand the elements

IPRating Location Applications
IP23 Indoor Only Under Cabinet Lighting, Kitchen Lighting, Bar Lighting, Restaurant RGB Lighting, Hospitality RGB Lighting, Cove Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Indoor Linear RGB Lighting
IP65 Water-Resistant Covered Outdoor Lighting, Patio Lighting, RGB Lighting under the soffit, Outdoor Bar Lighting, Outdoor RGB lighting in an Aluminum Profile, housing extrusion.
IP68 Waterproof Landscape Lighting, Pool Lighting, RGB Marine Lighting, RGB Boat Lighting, RGB Deck Lighting, RGB under-Deck Lighting


Commercial Color Changing LED Strips require the use of a controller (and receiver) to operate the color changing functionality. Our line of O M N I Architectural Controllers is a permanent solution for controlling your commercial Color Changing LED Strips.

Device Controller Receiver
RF Remote RGBW O M N I RF Remote RF Receiver
Wi-Fi Smart Phone O M N I WiFi Receiver
Touch-Panel O M N I DMX Receiver

For temporary installations or budgeted projects we have a line of Basic (Budget) LED Controllers for your convenience. All controllers also require a power supply, here is a link to our LED Drivers and Power Supply Selection

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