DMXPRO is our series of DMX lighting control components. DMX was once used almost exclusively for theater and stage lighting control. Today, DMX is widely used as an architectural lighting control communication protocol. DMX is a digital protocol which sends "packets" of information to individual light fixtures over a communication wire. Fixtures can be addressed from 001 to 512, each address corresponds to one channel. Communication or DMX line consists of Data+, Data-, or Ground. In theater lighting applications XLR cable is widely used for DMX runs, for lighting XLR cables are overkill, we always reccomend use of Cat-5 with RJ45 connectors for clean connections.

THE DMX Advantage:

DMX allows the most versatility when controlling multiple-channel LED fixtures. Nearly any lighting scene desired can be programmed with a DMX system. The hardwired communication or DMX line is reliable and easy to install. DMX lines from fixture to fixture are daisy chained (no T-type connections) and can run up to 1,800 ft. Countless LED fixtures can be controlled with one DMX controller.

Custom DMX Lighting Controls at Glowback LED™

We have the know-how and tools to deliver you a completely customized DMX lighting control system. Our team can program any lighting scene that you or your client desires, we also help integrate our systems into your automation system. Please don't hesitate to ask us about our customized LED lighting control systems, no project is too big or small for our team.