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Our BG-2830CDMX DMXPRO CCT and RGB Controller, is an architectural grade DMX512 & RDM glass touch panel controller capable of supporting universal DMX protocols. Made with high strength glass, our glass touch panel LED controller is a high quality solution for wall mounted colored lighting controls. With ultra-sensitive glass digital color and color temperature lines, this controller allows for smooth and accurate color/color temperature selection, and precise brightness control. Use our Touch Panel Controller to control up to 4 zones of Tunable White and RGB/RGB+W LED Lights, without having to worry about losing any configured settings when powered off. With integrated WiFi, one has the option of controlling the desired lights through a mobile device. Conveniently send DMX signal to a DMX Decoder, and send power to the controller using the easy screw-in wire terminals. Our DMXPRO touch line controller offers unmatched versatility and premium quality to achieve projects with precise customized controls. View Spec Sheet Here!


  • High-Quality Glass Finish

  • Smooth Flicker-Free Dimming

  • Ultra-Sensitive Touch Line

  • 4x 5A Channels Constant Voltage Output

  • Save/Program up to 2-scenes per zone

  • Professional Tool for Bespoke LED Lighting Control.

  • Integrated WiFi for mobile control

  • 3-Year Limited Warranty

Quick Specs


4.7" x 2.9" x 1.6"

Protocol DMX
Input Voltage 12-24VDC
Power Output 384-1152W PWM Control
Display Glass Touch Panel
Controller Type DMX, Touch-Panel, Stand-Alone, Computer, Bespoke
Connection Type Screw In Terminals (V+, V- , Data+, Data-, Ground)
Dimming PWM Dimming (Set Frequency through DMX Receiver)
PWM Frequency Set to 200HZ (Default) or 1500Hz (Set on Receiver)
Channels Up to 4 Channels: Color Temperature Changing (CCT) and Color Changing (RGB)

The DMX Advantage

DMX allows controllers to send commands to fixtures (addresses) individually over a communication line. DMX communication line is wired in series making implementation easy. Hard-wired communication line allows for reliable lighting control. Each fixture can output different light-output levels (dimming), colors, or color temperatures.

DMX is recommended for applications where many different Color Changing, Color Temperature Changing, or Dimmable LED fixtures are going to be used and controlled. DMX systems can be integrated into various home-automation systems. DMX is allows complete versatility with lighting control, the possibilities are endless using DMX Receivers.


DMX is recommended for use in larger LED lighting projects where multiple LED channels are going to be controlled. Popular applications are home theaters, stadiums, home lighting (automation systems), nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and more.


To get the maximum versatility out of your DMX lighting system we recommend using bespoke LED controllers. Hundreds of scenes (static or changing) can be programmed and recalled from programmable touch-panels, smartphones, or keypads. At GlowbackLED™ we create bespoke LED controlling solutions. We have an onsite programmer to help create a completely tailored LED lighting control system. For more information or a quote on bespoke controlling systems Contact-Us!

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DMXPRO Glass Touch Panel Controller for Color Temperature Changing CCT and Color Changing RGB LED Strips.
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Make sure to review product specs before purchasing Controller and Receivers. Contact-Us for assistance with more product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST |

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