Color Changing and True 6500K White RGB+W 12" x 12" LED Panel Sample Kit

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A GlowbackLED exclusive product! Our Custom Built RGBW LED Panels deliver smooth and even lighting at only 5/8 inch thickness and can be used to back-light a full range of translucent materials and stones like Onyx, Agate, Quartz, Cristallo, Quartzite, and more. Our RGB+W LED Panels are made to any custom shape or size up to 96 x 48 inches, but use our 12 x 12 inch sample kit to test the finished lighting effect with your material. Our sample kits are plug-and-play, and can be operated with any power outlet straight out of the box. Our RGB+W LED Panels can be set to millions of different colors using a controller (included with sample). When a more elegant and clean look is desired, they can be set to a true white which is exceptionally desirable for stone counter tops, back splashes, and more. Contact Us Today for Custom LED Panel Quote, More Information, or Recommendations, we're proud to industry leading project support!



  • Tailor Made to Your Specs Built to any custom shape or size up to 96" x 48". Use multiple panels to back-light larger areas

  • Perfect, Even Lighting Light Dispersion Methods designed to achieve bright, clean, and even lighting throughout the full surface of the panel.

  • Ultra Slim Delivers even lighting at only 5/8 Inch thickness. Install your stone directly on-top of our LED panels.

  • Control Set your LED lighting to millions of different colors OR a true white using a controller.

  • UL Listed Can be specified on any commercial project!

  • American Made Manufactured to your specs, right here in our Miami facility.

  • Quick Turnaround! Industry Leading Turn-Around Time.

  • Unrivaled Support Our project managers partner with you to get the BEST result.

Quick Specs


12"L x 12"W x 0.625" Thick (Can be custom built any size up to 96" x 48")

Light Output

~2,000 LUX (White ONLY)




10 Watts


RGB+6500K (Red, Green, Blue, AND True White)


Used in Dry or Damp Locations, Wet-Rated available


5-Year Limited Warranty




Return within 30 Days for full refund* (SAMPLE ONLY)


Our RGB+W panels are the ultimate back-lighting solution. They allow one to set the color of their material (onyx counter tops, quartz bar-tops, agate wall displays, etc) to any color they desire using their controller. However, when a more serene, elegant, or modern look is desired, the LED panels can be set to a true white, which when back-lighting stone reveals the true majesty of the natural veining and color of the stone. Our RGB+W panels are an excellent solution for restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, bars, dens, and home theaters.

Whats Included?

Our RGBW LED Panel Sample kit includes (1) 12" x 12" Sample Panel, (1) 24VDC Adapter (plugs right into any wall outlet), and (1) Simple Dial RGB+W Controller so you can asses the full functionality of the color changing plus white LED Panel.

RGB+W LED Panel Sample
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/Product Specs


Make sure to review product specs before purchasing Controller and Receivers. Contact-Us for assistance with more product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST |

Dimensions 12" x 12" x 0.625"
Input Voltage 24VDC
Power Draw 12 Watts
Light Output 2,500 Lux (True White Channel only)
Color Options Red, Green, Blue, 6500K Bright White
Power Feed 8ft w/ Connector
Warranty 5-Year Warranty
Listings UL-Listed
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