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LED Cabinet lighting has become a mandatory design feature for homes. At GlowbackLED™ our line of LED cabinet lighting has been engineered to meet your cabinet lighting needs. Our linear LED cabinet lighting and our LED cabinet puck lights can be implemented before, during, or after renovations of a kitchen or space. They can also be used to illuminate an old kitchen, or to replace other bulky, hideous under cabinet lighting solutions of the past. Use this interactive guide to assist you with building your own LED cabinet lighting system.

Linear or Puck Lighting?

At GlowbackLED™ we manufacture both linear and puck LED cabinet lighting solutions. linear LED fixtures give broad and even light coverage. LED Pucks by nature offer centric, focused lighting. Linear LED Cabinet lighting and LED Puck Lights can be used together to vary the lighting effect in your space:

LED Puck Light:

2.75" in Diameter
Can be Recessed or Surface Mounted
120 lumens @ 60° beam spread
Creates "scallops" [lighting effect] on walls
Available in: Brushed Aluminum, Black Matte, Chrome, and White Finishes
Best Use: Glass-Cabinets, China Cabinets, Showcases, Inside Cabinets, Display LED Lighting, Closets
Linear LED Cabinet Lighting:

0.50" High: Slim, low-profile design is easily concealable under cabinet
Surface mounted with clean, clip-less installations
200 lumens/foot | Optimized optics aims LED's 20°s to offer, broad efficient illumination
Provides broad, even illumination of counter-top and back-splash
Available in: 11", 13", 15", 19", 23" 29", 36", 42", and 48" (combine multiple for larger cabinets)
Best Use: Under-cabinet LED lighting. LED task lighting, Over-cabinet LED lighting.

GlowbackLED's Recommendation: We recommend you vary the styles. Use linear LED cabinet lighting for under-cabinet installations; use LED puck lights inside cabinets and glass showcases. Our linear LED cabinet lighting and LED Puck lighting can be used together through the same powering system.

Where do I want Lighting?
LED Cabinet Lighting can be installed under cabinets, inside cabinets, over cabinets, inside drawers, in china cabinets, etc. They have infinite applications and can also be used in closets, bathrooms, display cases, and more. Determine the locations that you want to illuminate with cabinet lighting and use the following sizing and spacing guide to specify the fixtures you need.

2) Sizing and Spacing

Our linear LED cabinet lights are conveniently available in 10 different sizes closest to standard cabinet sizes. Use the guide below to determine what size LED cabinet light you need for your cabinet. Combine linear LED cabinet bars for cabinet sizes over 48".

Linear Cabinet Lighting Size Selection Guide
Linear LED Bar Size For Cabinet Sizes
11" LED Cabinet Bar 11"-13"
13" LED Cabinet Bar 13"-15"
15" LED Cabinet Bar 15"-19"
19" LED Cabinet Bar 19"-23"
23" LED Cabinet Bar 23"-29"
29" LED Cabinet Bar 29"-36"
36" LED Cabinet Bar 36"-42"
42" LED Cabinet Bar 42"-48"
48" LED Cabinet Bar 48" and up

Linear LED Fixtures for under-cabinet lighting should always be slightly smaller than the overall length of the cabinet. We recommend you mount your linear LED fixtures 1" in from the front.

Spacing: LED Puck lights should be spaced 12" to 18" apart. Another good way to determine mounting locations for LED Puck lights is to center them along the cabinet doors.

3) Color Temperature CCT

Our Cabinet lighting system is available in the following color temperatures CCT 3000K Warm White, 4500K, Natural White, and 6500K Bright White. Use the pictures below to assist you make a decision on color temperature CCT.

Warm White 3000K Natural White 4500K Bright White 6500K

  • Warm White 3000K: Warm White is our most popular color temperature, it adds warmth to a room. Warm White is closet to a traditional incandescent bulb. Warm lighting enhances red tones but can desaturate green and blue tones. Warm White brings out the richness in natural wood burls and grains.
  • Natural White 4500K: Natural White is a neutral tone of white lighting. It goes with any space and offers maximum versatility. Natural white neither enhances or desaturates any tones.
  • Bright White 6500K: Bright White offers stark white lighting, some perceive bright white color temperatures to have a very light blue hue. Bright white lighting enhances blue and green tones, but can desaturate red and orange tones. It is best suited for modern, minimalist design schemes.

4) Powering Options and Configurations

Create a "take-off" or list of the LED cabinet lighting bars and/or puck lights that you need for your project. Our LED Cabinet Lighting system is low-voltage and requires use of an LED driver. We have all the components you need to create a plug-and-play installation of your LED lighting system. Install in minutes with our smart connector system.

Continue to our Power Supply Selection Guide for more information.