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Many people use LED Strips due to their versatile design and convenience compare to any other linear lighting solutions. LED Strips can be connected by either soldering or using a quick connector.

We, at GlowbackLED, recommend soldering LED Strips instead of using quick connectors. Soldering LEDs provide a reliable and permanent electrical connection. Soldering minimizes the error of loose connections which can damage the LEDs and create large headaches. Also, keep in mind that using quick connectors to join to LEDs together will cause a break in the light.

Soldering LEDs can be a bit more challenging and require soldering irons and small soldering pads. Luckily, GlowbackLED offers soldering services which will minimize your installation time and provide you with a reliable and durably connection.

We understand the convenience of quick connectors as they require little maintenance and reduce costs but there are certain scenarios when quick connectors should NOT be used:

· High Output LEDs- Quick Connectors cannot withhold the current of Higher Output LEDs

· Outdoor or Damp Areas- Moisture can affect connector performance

· Portable or Movement—When LEDs are installed in areas that are subject to movement

· Narrow Spaces- Quick connectors are wider than LEDs so it will be much more difficult to install in tight spaces

· Commercial/ Large Projects- Quick Connectors do not follow UL Class II Requirements