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Custom LED Linear Bars and Fixtures

Whether you’re looking to design a modern commercial space or want to update a residence with a touch of contemporary elegance, custom LED lighting provides that desired aesthetic with great, even lighting, and easy installation.

What are LED Bars?

LED Bars can be made with any our our Aluminum Profiles, they house our Commercial Grade LED Strips inside and are used to create vivid linear lighting scenes throughout your space. Our LED Bars are available in a wide variety of configurations, color temperature options, and lengths. Our LED Bars are available in surface mount, recess/flush mount, and suspended/pendant mounting options. With an unrivaled selection of Linear LED Light options and ability to mix and match you are able to use our LED Bars virtually anywhere and for any application! Our LED Bars have been used for under-cabinet lighting, display case lighting, cove lighting, retail lighting, general linear lighting, and much much more. Scroll down to see our full LED bar offerings!

Scroll down below subcategories to learn more about our LED Bars!

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  • Surface Mounted LED Bars

    White surface mounted LED Bars. Install in minutes with clips or mounting hardware. Built to your specs, any size up to 94" in one single piece. Available in a wide variety of color temperatures and housing types!
  • Recessed Linear LED Fixtures

    Recessed Linear Lighting built to any size up to 94"! Linkable options for longer runs. Recessed linear LED lighting for decorative or general lighting purposes. Recess in drywall, wood, or other surfaces 0.50"-3" Wide illuminated surface.
  • Suspended Linear Fixtures

    Suspended LED Fixtures for pendant mounted linear LED lighting. Suitable for general lighting and commercial, office, retail, and industrial lighting environments. 120-277VAC Input! Integral driver technology. American Made!
  • Color Changing LEDRGBBAR I, II, & III

    Color Changing LED Bars available in standard RGB configuration. RGBW (color changing and true white), tunable white, and other custom configurations offered as well.
  • Retail Showcase & Display Lighting

    LED Bars best suited to retail lighting envoirments. Featuring ultra-high color rendering, CRI>95, TM-31 Color data available upon request. Retail LED Bars built any size up to 94"

Linear LED Bars and Fixture Features

  • Built to Your Specs! All of our Linear LED Bars and LED Fixtures can be completely customized to your specs. We are proud to be the ONLY linear LED lighting manufacturer to let you select, configure, and purchase your custom linear LED lighting, right here, online. Don't see what you need? No Problem! We are also industry leaders in project support, Contact-Us Today!
  • American Made: All of our Linear LED Bars and Fixtures have been designed, engineered, assembled/built, right here, in our Miami, FL USA facility. Trust the lighting system you purchase! All of our LED Bars come with industry leading warranty (3-5 Years).
  • UL-Listing: The #1 authority on lighting safety and reliability has given almost all of our LED light bars their stamp of approval. Easy pass electrical inspections using our LED bars!
  • Versatility and Customization: Do a quick search, none of the competition remotely comes close to the level of customization and offerings we do! With a line of over 120 aluminum profiles, and over 100 different types of LED strip, we have over 1,000 different configurations available. If your needs aren't met by our selection, we manufacture lighting to your specs! Contact Us Today for a top-down bespoke linear lighting solution

Need Help?

Send us your lighting plans, elevations, and more! Let us help you specify the correct linear LED bar system for your project. We offer industry leading Project Support!


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