up to 4ft | 1/2 Inch Recessed LED Bar A for Cabinets

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This product does not include power supply. Click here for our Power Selection Guide.

/ Description

Our up to 2ft LEDBARIIC is a custom made 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch deep trimmed compact recess/flush mount linear LED bar built any size from 4 up to 24 Inches (Enter Size under [Product Options] before adding to cart). It's ultra slim design makes it the perfect linear lighting solution for cabinets, shelving, closets, and more. Our up to 2ft LEDBARIIC only requires 1/4 of clearance but is low-voltage and requires connection to a remote power supply. Select a dimmable remote power supply for smooth dimming functionality. It is available in 2200K, 3000K, 4000K, or 6000K color temperatures and can be easily customized to meet your needs.


  • Compact Size: Only requires 1/4 inch of depth.

  • Customization: Made to any size for a high-end, custom look.

  • Dimming: Dimmable with Dimmable Power Supply

  • Lifetime: 50,000+ Hours

  • Warranty: Guaranteed by our 5-Year Warranty

  • Quick Turnaround! Typically ships out in 7-10 days

  • UL Listed: Can be specified on any commercial project!



Custom Range: 4" - 24"


1/2" (Aperture of light)


0.28" (Recessed Depth)

Input Voltage

12VDC (Standard), 24VDC Available

Lumen Output

350 Lumens (175 Lumens/ft)


5 Watts (2.5 Watts/ft)

Color Rendering

90+, 95+ (Available)


Recessed (Wood, Drywall, Etc)

Fixture Type

Low-Voltage Recessed (Ambient Light)

For full Product Specs, View Spec Sheet Here


Our Up to 2ft LEDBARIIC light fixture comes with a standard color rendering index value (CRI) over 90, CRI>95 is available upon request. It is conveniently available in 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K Color Temperatures. Custom color temperatures are available upon request (MOQ may apply Contact-Us).

Mounting Options

Our Up to 2ft LEDBARIIC can easily be recessed in millwork, drywall, and other solid surfaces using adhesive, or VHB double-side tape.

View Full Mounting and Operation Instructions Here


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Up to 2ft (4-24") LEDBARIIC, 1/2 Compact Recessed Linear LED Lighting
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This product does not include power supply. Click here for our Power Selection Guide.
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/Product Specs

Model # LEDBARIIC-24
Manufacturer GlowbackLED®
Dimensions 4" - 24" long x 1" wide x 0.28" high
Lamp Source LED
Listings UL-Listed
Power Consumption5 Watts (2.5 Watts/ft)
Input Voltage12VDC (Standard), 24VDC (Available)
Efficiency 70 lumens/Watt
Lumen Output 350 lumens (175 lumens/foot)
Power Connection 8ft Cord with 12V Connectors
Power SystemRemote Power Supply
Light Distribution Direct Light Distribution
Color Rendering CRI > 80 | CRI> 90 Available
Color Temperature 2200K (Extra/Amber Warm)
2700K (Incandescent Warm)
3000K (Warm White)
4000K (Natural White)
6000K (Bright White)
Mount Type Recess Mount to Drywall, Wood, or Solid Surfaces
Adhesive: Flush mount using all purpose adhesive
Double-Side Tape: ONLY USE VHB Double-Sided Tape.

Remote Driver 0-10V: Dim to 1% (New Construction/Recommended)
MLV Dimmable: Remodel (No additional wires)
Non-Dimmable: Switch On/Off
Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime50,000 hours.
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