3 Inch Recessed Linear Light Options

Our trim-less 3" wide recessed linear LED fixtures are offered in two configurations: low-voltage (requires an external power supply), or "universal voltage," meaning that the fixture has an integral power-supply and can be connected directly to the "line-voltage" of the home/building. Our low-voltage configuration can be purchased in custom size increments and is more easily customized to create custom shapes, colors (RGB and RGB+W available), and dimming options. Our line-voltage fixture is simpler and quicker to install, but is only available in standard sizes (MOQ or up-charge for custom sizes), and is generally better suited for commercial applications such as office buildings, schools/universities, and retail stores.
LVLBP1.5 1.5

See LVLBY3T Details

  • Low-Voltage, Compact Design
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Available in 350 or 900 lumens/ft Light Outputs
  • Customize: Custom Shapes, Colors, and Configurations.
LVLBP1.5 1.5

See LVLBY33T Details

  • Integral Power Supply: 120-277 or 347VAC Input
  • Standard 0-10V Dimming
  • Available in 684 or 1,243 lumens/ft Light Outputs
  • Easy Install: Connects straight to "line voltage."


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