8ft Extension Smart Cable for 24V LED Cabinet Bars

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Our 8ft Cabinet Extension Cable is meant to be used with our professionally built, UL-Listed Slim & Dotless 24V LED cabinet bars. In case one needs to extend the distance from the desired LED Cabinet Bars and the designated power supply being used, our extension cable comes with a male connector on one end, and a female connector on the other end for a completely plug-and-play seamless connection throughout.


  • 8ft Bundle

  • UL-2464 Compliant Cable available in pre-measured lengths with Smart Connectors

  • Type CM Wire

  • Tin-Coated Copper

  • High Quality, UL-Listed Wire

  • 2 Conductors with male and female Connectors meant for 24V LED Cabinet Bars

Quick Specs


2 Conductor

Wire Gauge

18 Gauge

Strand Size



Non-Shielded Gray Jacket

Jacket Ratings/Certification

Type CM

Wire Connections

GlowbackLED™ Smart Connector


Plenum Rated Wire (Recessable)




UL-2464 Listed, Class-2, RoHs

Power Supply Operation

LED Power Supplies convert the source or line voltage of your space to either 12 or 24V DC needed to operate your low-voltage LED strips, LED Bars, or LED Panels. Power Supplies, also known as "LED Drivers" have a rated input voltage and output wattage. We reccomend limiting your load (the sum of the wattage of all the lighting connected) to 80% of the output wattage of the Power Supply. All residences in the US have 110/120VAC line voltage circuits for lighting, but certain commercial spaces have 277VAC lighting circuits. Verify that your Power Supply is rated for 277VAC input voltage if your space requires a 277VAC compatible Power Supply. TRIPLE CHECK YOUR CONNECTIONS before powering up a power-supply, inadertently feeding high voltage to a low-voltage LED strip will cause them to fail. Certian power supplies use the European standard for wire coloring: Brown is Line/"Hot"(Black in US), Blue is Neutral (White in US), and Green/Yellow is Ground (Green in US).

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8ftt Extension for 24V LED Cabinet bars
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Make sure to review product specs before purchasing LED strip. Contact-Us for assistance with product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST | Sales@bluegateinc.com

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