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Recessed Linear Cabinet Lighting

Our compact, low-voltage Recessed Linear LED Fixtures are the ultimate solution for recessed linear lighting in cabinets, closets, display shelving, and more. Using a router simply create a slot for the light fixture in your millwork. These compact recessed linear fixtures are lightweight and can be held into place using all purpose adhesive, VHB double-sided tape, or a counter-sunk "direct screw" method. All of our low-voltage recessed linear LED lights for cabinets are Custom Made-to-Order light bars allowing you to select any size and increment (up to 94 inches in one single unit). This highly customized look adds a high-end, luxurious feel to any cabinet, wall unit, or display. Contact-Us for more information and help making your recessed Linear LED light selection.

  • Flange Hides Surface Imperfections
  • Excellent for Cabinets, Shelving, and Task Lighting
  • Slimmest Option!
  • Continuous, DOT-FREE Recessed Linear Lighting
  • Use in Drywall or Cabinets, Shelving, Etc
  • Flange easily hides imperfections
  • 1 Inch Shallow Recessed Lighting
  • Attractive Solution for Shelving, Wall Units, and Display Cases
  • Wide and shallow design only requires 0.32" clearance
  • 1 Inch and DOTLESS Recessed Linear Lighting
  • Delivers 230 lumens/ft
  • Recess in 1/2 or 5/8 Drywall (Ambient lighting only)


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