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The GlowbackLED Comfort Shield?

Made in the USA
Our Solution to help people protect themselves adequately, with a comfortable and stylish design. If you work in a service sector and are required to wear a mask throughout your entire day in public, the combination of a mask and a face shield gives you maximum protection. Comfort Shield is an attachment that can be used with any baseball cap or visor in order to protect your eyes and face from contamination and debris. Now authorized for medical use under the E.U.A for COVID-19. Washable and reusable, great for Waiters, bar tenders and restaurant employees, hospitality and airport employees, bus drivers and public work employees, cashiers and Customer service workers, and just about any application one desires. Our Comfort Shield can be purchased alone (without cap) and attached to your favorite cap in seconds, or purchased with one of our mask gripping caps for maximum comfort.


  • Unrivaled Comfort Wear mask and shield for hours in comfort
  • Mask-Grip Technology Attach your mask to your cap to eliminate irritation and discomfort over the ears
  • Universal Application Works with most caps and hard-hats!
  • Maximum Coverage Designed to protect face, eyes, and ears (partial)
  • Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z87 Non-Impact Face Shield Requirements
  • Approved for Medical Use under E.U.A for COVID-19
  • American Design and Build
  • For Safety Reasons, we cannot accept returns on this product

Comfort Shield Product Selection

Our Comfort Shield is sold on its own, allowing you to attach the shield to your favorite cap, or with our mask gripping caps which allows you to attach your mask directly to your cap for maximum comfort. Our Comfort Shield kits are sold in packs of (1), (12), (24), (48), and (96) for larger quantity orders, send us an email for expanded Volume Pricing. View Specifications Here!

GlowbackLED Comfort Shield Kit without Cap

Comfort Shield Kit WITHOUT Cap (Attach Shield to your own)

$12.00 per Kit

  • Compatible with most Caps
  • Easily Installation
GlowbackLED Comfort Shield Kit without Cap

Comfort Shield Kit WITH Mask Gripping Cap MAXIMUM COMFORT

  • Maximum Comfort
  • Attach Mask directly to cap!
Customized Comfort Shields

Customized Comfort Shield Solutions

  • Custom Made to Your Needs
  • Transition lenses, UV, Impact

Simple, but Powerful

Our Comfort Shield was designed with COVID-19 front-line essential workers in mind. Prolonged hours of wearing PPE protective equipment in a medical, retail, or food supply setting can be extremely uncomfortable and cause irritation. Our Comfort Shield fuses the comfortable and familiar feel of wearing a cap with providing the necessary protective barrier. Our Comfort Shield is available as a kit, where it can be attached to your own favorite cap, or with one of our Mask Gripping Caps for Maximum Comfort.


Installation Overview

Convert your favorite cap or hard hat into an ultra-comfortable Comfort Shield in minutes!

Comfort Shield Applications

Our Comfort Shield is the ideal PPE (personal protective equipment) solution for any person or employee who must wear PPE for prolonged periods of time. The unrivaled comfort of this shield makes it an excellent solution for medical, retail, food-supply, or hospitality employees. The ability to clip our Comfort Shield onto any cap, also makes it a more stylish option than other comparable face shields and protective products.

About GlowbackLED

GlowbackLED is a miami-based LED Lighting manufacturer. We specialize in manufacturing custom linear lighting, and back-lighting solutions. We also stock and sell a huge variety of LED lighting products, components, and more. Our skilled and knowledgeable sales team is lauded for offering unrivaled project support and product selection help. As innovators in the lighting industry, we decided to shift some of that focus to help in the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak by developing a variety of innovative products to provide Maximum Comfort and Protection for front-line essential workers.


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