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Minnesota Midwest Area Back Lit Frosted Glass RGB LED Panel Project

This Midwest (Minnesota area) LED back lighting project presented our team with some very unique requests we had previously not experimented with. The design intent was to back-light 1/2 Inch Thick Frosted glass with etched artwork using our 1/2 Thick, Frameless RGB LED Panels. Frosted Glass however, is one of the most challenging materials to evenly back-light. Therefore our team had to design a system where the LED Panels would evenly illuminate the glass, with no hot-spots at LED Panel seams (there where very large areas requiring multiple LED Panels) using proprietary diffusion techniques. This project in particular required three different diffusion techniques to get the desired result. Our team used a digital DXF template provided by the cabinet maker, JD Woodcraft, to create our curved, Frameless RGB LED Panels to the perfect shape. In this project we used our DMX Decoders to control the RGB (Color Changing) LED Panels. The DMX system was integrated into a Control4 Home Automation system.

Project Overview

  • Material Being Back-Lit: 1/2 Inch Thick, Etched Frosted Glass by GlassArt Design
  • LED Lighting Project Location: Midwest (Minnesota Area)
  • Installation: Norske Electric
  • LED Panel Color Temperature: RGB (Color Changing)
  • LED Panel Configuration: 1/2 Thick UL-Listed Frameless RGB LED Panels

Project Support

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