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backlit artwork led panel project

For this project we used our 3/8 Inch Thick, Frameless White LED Panels to back light this Alex Turco art piece. The artwork is made on a frosted acrylic sheet, making it translucent and suitable for use with our LED Panels. Because of its acrylic backing, this material can be difficult to properly back light. Our team was able to incorporate the necessary diffusion techniques so the entire surface of the artwork is evenly illuminated. Our Custom LED Panels are an excellent solution for back lighting any type of translucent art work.

Project Overview

  • Material Being Back-Lit: Painted Acrylic Artwork
  • LED Lighting Project Location: Miami, Florida
  • LED Panel Color Temperature: 6500K Bright White
  • LED Panel Configuration: 3/8 Inch Thick Framless Dimmable LED Panel