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Trim-Less Recessed Linear Light Options

Our Trim-Less Recessed Linear LED Light Fixtures are a beautiful addition to any space. These fixtures feature an integrated "plaster bead" which allows one to "mud up" to the lens (diffuser) of the fixture. After sanding and painting only the light aperture is left visible leaving clean and attractive lines of light. Our Trim-Less Recessed Linear Lighting line is available in either low-voltage (1.3 inch clearance for general lighting, 0.40 inch clearance for decorative lighting) or Universal Voltage (3 inches of clearance required). Our Low-Voltage Trim-Less Recess can be made to custom sizes and shapes and can be used in homes, restaurants, retail spaces and more. Our "Universal Voltage" Trim-Less Solutions are better suited to offices and commercial spaces.

Recessed Linear Lighting for Cabinets and Shelving
Ambient/Decorative Recessed Linear Lighting for Drywall
Trim-Less (Plaster-In) Recessed Lighting Options
Recessed Linear Lighting with 120-277VAC Input
  • 12-24VDC Input
  • Clean, Trim-Less Look
  • Customize to any Size
  • 120-277VAC Input Available
  • 12-24VDC Input (Less Clearance)
  • Seam-Less Plaster-In Lighting
  • 120-277VAC Input Available
  • 12-24VDC Input (Less Clearance)
  • High-Output Linear Mud-In Lighting
  • 120-277VAC Input
  • Trim-less 4" Wide Recessed Linear
  • High-Output 4" Mud-In Linear Lighting
  • Trim-less "Plaster In" 1/2 Inch Recessed Lighting
  • Create attractive patterns in wall (Custom)
  • Recess in 1/2 or 5/8 Drywall with no modification to framing
  • "Plaster-In" 1 Inch Wide Trim-Less Recessed Lighting
  • DOT-Free, Continuous lines of Ambient or Decorative Lighting
  • Most Popular Compact Trimless!


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