LED Cabinet Lighting Product Selection Guide

Determine Light Bar Sizes Required

Our LED Cabinet lights are conveniently made in standard sizes suitable for all types of cabinets. We generally recommend selecting the size equal to or smaller than your cabinet. Multiple cabinet bars can be installed adjacent to each other to achieve longer runs.
1) Measure Cabinet Area Requiring LED Bars. When measuring, consider that we recommend installing your LED cabinet bar 1" from the edge (front) of cabinet.
2) Select Sizes that correspond to these areas: 11", 13", 15", 19", 23", 29", 36", 42", 48", 60", or 72".

Determine Desired Color Temperature

Our LED Cabinet Bars are conveniently available in 3000K, 4000K, and 6000K. We recommend that you match our cabinets bars with other light sources in your home. However, color temperature is a matter of personal preference, and in some cases people prefer a higher color temperature (more blue light) for under-cabinet lighting. Warm White 3000K is a soothing white with a slight yellow tone that can add a nice touch to warm themed environment. Natural White 4000K is almost a pure white with a touch of warmth to it, bringing life to an environment without overdoing it. Bright White 6000K is a pure white tone that can sometimes be perceived to have a blue hue to it, providing a crisp finish that compliments modern landscapes. For selecting an adequate power supply for your selected LED Cabinet Bar, use our LED Cabinet Bar Power Supply Selection Guide.