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Glowback LED Retail Showcase and Display Lighting

One of the best applications for LED lighting is in retail showcases and displays. LED lighting allows your products to really stand out in their displays. Top retailers all already use LED lighting in their display cases. Halogen and florescent display lighting not only diminishes the appearance of your products, but use substantially more energy and have a much shorter lifespan. Below are some examples of the effect created by using LED lighting in your retail display cases

For ideal showcase lighting at Glowback LED we have designed lighted bars that are ideally suited for display cases. They are available in 4 different aluminum housings (profiles) (more coming soon) and in several different lengths. We are able to fabricate lighted bars in any size or profile, so please contact us for pricing on customized retail and showcase lighting.

Retail Showcase Bars come Lighted!!! Allow 3-5days lead time

The Profiles

K: 0.64"
small corner application
medium-high brightness
U: 1.17"
larger corner application
high-ultrahigh brightness
B: 0.7"
downward lighting application
low-medium brightness
O2: 0.4"
ultra-thin downward lighting
low-medium brightness

These profiles are ideally suited for retail display cases and showcase lighting they are thin, provide the ideal angle of light, and are available with our dotless technology, to illuminate your items without seeing dots. Choose a profile that is best suited to your application.

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