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For LED Lighting that achieves a more decorative light finish suitable and perfect for use under or inside of kitchen cabinets, our LED Puck lights are an ideal solution. These circular 'puck' lights give out consistent and evenly illuminated arcs of light, adding a decorative touch and aesthetic to the desired illumination area without having to worry about the lifetime or quality of light output. Our LED Puck Lights are built to last and perfect for use in drawers, over cabinets, under cabinets, and almost anywhere one desires an arch shaped output of light.

Our LED Puck Lights are designed to give you simple and compact illumination and design to add a convenient aesthetic touch to any of your desired projects. Compatible with any under-cabinet, over-cabinet, and inside cabinet installation. Our LED puck lights are available in 3 attractive color temperatures: Warm White 3000K, Natural White 4000K, and Bright White 6000K. The circular curve of our puck lights creates a beautiful arc of light that adds a beautiful aesthetic touch to any backsplash or wall all with a simple plug-and-play installation method. Install our LED Lights in minutes using our smart connector system and achieve clean, attractive installations with the direct-screw, clipless mounting system.

Product Features

  • 60 Degree Light Spread: Adds a cone shaped light effect onto the surrounding space, achieving an elegant symmetrical illumination while accenting the desired area.
  • ULTRA COMPACT- Can be easily accommodated in most mounting surfaces without utilizing much space
  • Simple & Easy installation
  • The soft glow makes them perfect use in display cases, or in a reading area
  • Available in three standard color temperatures: Warm White 3000K, Natural White 4000K, and Bright White 6000K

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(5) 29" LED Cabinet Bars used for under-cabinet lighting, (2) LED Cabinet Puck Lights. 3000K Warm White. 12V 60W Dimmable Magnetic Driver enclosed in cabinet with (2) 3-Way power distributors used.

Shown Above (from left to right): (3) 15" Linear LED Cabinet Bars, (1) 42" Linear LED Cabinet Bars, (1) 29" Linear LED Cabinet Bar, and (1) 15" LED Cabinet Bar. 4500K Natural White. Powered Using (1) 12V 60W Dimmable Magnetic Driver enclosed in cabinet with (2) 3-Way Power Distributors hardwired into driver.

Shown Above: LED Cabinet Puck Lighting centered underneath every cabinet door (approx. every 12"). 3000K Warm White. LED Puck Lights connected to (2) 12V 18W Power Adapter with 6-Outputs for Puck/LED Cabinet Bars. Adapters plug into switched (non-dimming) outlet inside cabinet.

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