LED Aluminum Profile Sample Chain


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Our LED profile sample chain gives our customers a sample of our most popular profile types that are each fit for a different type of application. Use this sample chain to determine which aluminum LED channel is best for your desired application! This sample chain includes Profiles "A", "B", "C", "D", "DT1", "DT3", "H", "K", "O2", "OR", "S11", and "U". All samples are ~9" in length and come with the original lens.


Sample Length ~9"
Surface Mount A, B, D, H, K, O2, OR
Recess Mount w/ Flange C
Recess Plaster/Mud-in DT1, DT3
Lens Frosted
Material Double Anodized Aluminum
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Due to new shipping size restrictions, 94" is the MAX size for free shipping. 96" housings are available upon request with a shipping surcharge. Contact-Us Today for more information
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