Aluminum Profile "C2" 8 ft (94") Recessed Application

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/ Description

Aluminum Profile "C2" is our shallowest recessed aluminum housing. Its slim and sleek design requires only 1/4 Inch of clearance to be recessed. Aluminum Profile "C2" can be recessed under and inside cabinets to create a flush-mounted clean linear lighting look; it can be recessed in closet shelving, or in wall-units to create elegant, illuminated display cases. Made of premium aluminum alloy, Aluminum Profile "C2" maximizes the lifetime of your LED strips by acting as a heat-sink and drawing out the heat generated by LED's. Aluminum Profile "C2" is designed to accommodate any LED strip up to 12mm (0.48"). Use with our 24V DOTLESS LED strip or our 24V DOT-FREE COB LED strip lighting in order to achieve dotless lighting (no visible diode dots on the diffuser!Aluminum Profile "C2" is conveniently sold in 8ft lengths as a completed kit including a pair of endcaps, and one premium polycarbonate UV resistant clear or frosted lens (diffuser). View Specs Sheet Here!


  • Easily recessable

  • Slim and compact design requires only 1/4 Inch of recessed depth

  • Discrete and modern design

  • Easily conceal inside or under cabinets.

  • Maximizes lifetime of LED strips by dissipating heat

  • Protects LED strips from the elements

  • Well-Stocked and ready to ship from our Miami, FL facility.

Quick Specs


8ft (Actual Size 94", 96" available w/ shipping surcharge)


0.68 Inch (0.92" w/ flange)


0.35 Inch (0.25" Recess Depth)



Max Light Output

Medium (4 Watts/ft)

Max Strip Width

0.48 Inch (12mm)


Slim, low-profile design and minimal recess depth needed (only 1/4") makes Aluminum Profile "C2" an excellent solution for areas where there is not enough material to recess a deeper channel. Discreet lighting can be flush mounted under-cabinets, in drywall, under stair-treads, and a wide variety of applications where discrete recessed linear LED lighting is desired.


Install LED Aluminum housing "C2" by first creating a groove or cavity in the desired cabinet, drywall, or shelf.

Mounting Method #1 (Use of Adhesive)

  1. Clean mounting surface (groove) of dust and residue.

  2. Apply all purpose caulking/adhesive

  3. Install assembled fixture

Mounting Method #2 (Counter-Sunk Screws)

  1. Screw Aluminum housing into cavity (counter-sink screws so LED strip has flat surface to install onto.

  2. Attach LED Strips onto Aluminum housing over counter-sunk screws


To cut your aluminum profiles and make your lighting fixtures a custom length, simply snap the lens onto the profile, and place the channel onto a miter saw with the lens facing down. By doing this you can easily cut both the channel and lens to your desired length at the same time. We recommend using a NEW fine tooth blade to cut your aluminum channels for LED strips. The diffuser/lens is fragile and will easily break with an old blade. The easiest way to avoid breaking a lens or diffuser is to lower the saw blade slowly while cutting.

DOTLESS Lighting!

To achieve dot-free evenly diffused lighting in Aluminum Profile "C2" choose from the following DOTLESS LED strips.

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/Product Specs


Make sure to review product specs before purchasing LED strip. Contact-Us for assistance with product specs, application, or installation: 1-800-679-4902 | M-F | 9AM-5PM EST |

Length 8ft (Actual Size 94", 96" available with shipping surcharge)
Width 0.68 Inch (0.92 inch w/ flange)
Height 0.35 Inch (0.25" Recess Depth)
Lens Clear or Frosted
Max Light Output Medium (4 Watts/ft)
Max Strip Width 0.48 Inch (12mm)
Spec Sheet:

8ft | 0.68" W x 0.35" H

Mount Type:
Recess w/ Flange/Trim
Suggested MAX Wattage:
4 Watts/ft
Light Output:
MAX LED Strip Width:
Profile Width:
0.5 - 0.75 Inch
Profile Height:
under 0.40 Inch
Profile Length:
Cabinet Lighting
Closet Lighting
Decorative/Accent Lighting
Special Features:
Slim Low Profile Design
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