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The UMass Amherst Tree House Residence Hall is an award winning design that recreated the traditional approach to university housing. Featured on this page are a fantastic set of custom wooden benches inlayed with "polycabonate" slabs of light created by an unknown manufacturer. These light fixtures create a warm and inviting public space for students and the public alike to enjoy, create, and learn. GlowbackLED® did NOT create these light slabs, but wanted to showcase the project as an inspiration, because something similar is well within our range of custom lighting manufacturing capabilities.

Project Overview

  • Project Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
  • Landscape Architect: Ground Inc.
  • Architect:Stantec (formerly ADD Inc.)
  • Photography:Chuck Choi | Christian Phillips | Hirotsugu Tsuchija
  • Light Fixtures:"Polycoarbonate Light Slab" (Unkown Manufacturer) Let us Make these for you!

Custom Arcylic Lighting Fabrications