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  • White Linear Fixtures (LEDBARII & III)

    White linear LED fixtures are the professionals tool for both accent and task lighting. Our line of LEDBARs are our most versatile. Fixtures can be recessed into the ceilings or walls, or surface mounted. All of our LEDBAR's are "dotless" when a frosted lens is selected
  • RGB Linear LED Bars I, II, & III

    Color Changing (RGB) Linear LED fixtures. Designed for professional color changing lighting applications. Great tool for nightclubs, restaurants, bars, homes, and boats. Add color to your space with our line of LEDRGBBARs.
  • Linear Retail Lighting Solutions

    Lighting is arguably the most critical design aspect of any retail store or display. Our line of linear retail lighting solutions boast industry leading CRI (Color Rendering) , high R9, and R13 values. Attract more costumers with high quality LED retail lighting.
  • Suspended Linear Fixtures

    Suspended from the ceiling by aircraft cables, suspended linear fixtures are becoming the designers tool for stylish and sleek lighting solutions. Suspended linear fixtures can be fabricated to size, and are available with custom, handcrafted, wood finishes.