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Linear LED Fixtures are the professionals tool for installing linear LED lighting. Our line of prepared linear LED fixtures represents our most popular profiles and lighting configurations determined over years of experienced. Below are directions for selecting a product that works best for your applications. All of our fixtures are available in Warm White (3000K), Natural White (4500K), and Bright White (6000K) and with the option of a clear or frosted (dotless) diffuser. Customized solutions are always available, contact us for an inquiry, we quote projects quickly!

Step 1

Determine your desired lengths. Products are organized by our standard lengths: 24", 36", 48", 60", 72", and 96" (96" only available for LEDBARII). For custom sizes, please Contact-Us 1-800-679-4902.

Step 3
Determine your desired LED aluminum housings and light output. Different housings create different lighting effects.

LEDBARII: Our selection of our most popular profiles for medium light output LED Fixtures.
3 Watts/ Foot | 150 Lumens/foot (Frosted/Dotless lens) | 200 Lumens/foot (Clear lens)

B: 0.6'W x 0.5"D
slim, compact, light shoots down
K: 0.64''W x 0.64"D
45 degree, quarter-circle
under cabinet, showcases
L: 0.64''W x 0.64"D
45 degree, two lit sides
D: 0.6''W x 0.5"D
slim, recessed, profile. Wall lighting canvases, cabinets.

Our selection of our most popular profiles for high output LED Fixtures
6 Watts/Foot | 450 Lumens/foot (Frosted/Dotless lens) | 600 Lumens/foot (Clear lens)

P: 0.80" x 1.06"D
Slim, high-output suspended fixture
T: 1.17''W x 1.17"D
High-Output, 45 degrees, two-sides lit
U: 1.17"W x 1.17"D
High-Output, 45 degrees, quarter-circle
Q: 1.16"W x 0.98"D
High-Output, recessed profile, canvas art, recessed task light

Step 4

Select Power-Supply and Installation Accessories to Create a Turn-Key Lighting Solution

Power Supply and Drivers
Attach Up to 6 LEDBARII
Standard Output Fixtures
Attach up to 6 LEDBARIII
Hight Output Fixtures
Cables, Extensions and Connectors
Power SUpplies 6 Way Distributor 6-Way Distributor for HO Lighting Cables and Connectors
White linear LED fixtures are the professionals tool for both accent and task lighting. Our line of LEDBARs are our most versatile. Fixtures can be recessed into the ceilings or walls, or surface mounted. All of our LEDBAR's are "dotless" when a frosted lens is selected