Color Changing LEDRGBARII 96"


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Linear LED Fixtures | LEDRGBBARII | Color Changing

  • Color Changing LED RGB Bar
  • 60LED chips per Meter (18/ ft)
  • 3 Watts/ Foot
  • Available with Clear or Frosted Lens
  • 96"
Make sure to select your desired Aluminum Housing

Profile A Profile B Profile F Profile H
Items Required for Installation: Power Supply RGB Controller, RGB Amplifier (for many fixtures) (select items can be found below)

For custom projects
Contact-Us and a Project Consultant can assist you

For Powering Multiple LEDRGBBARS and RGB Amplifiers, Please refer to the following Diagram:
Powering Multiple LEDRGBBARS
Color Changing LEDRGBARII 96" 60 LED's M | 3 Watts/ Foot | MED OUTPUT LIGHTING
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