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Mulit-dimensional Miami artist Haiiileen showcases her newest exhibition Lightscapes in Young At Art Museum located in Davie, FL. Lightscapes features three acrylic light sculptures guiding visitors into an immersive multi-sensory educational experience. Haiiilen’s sculpture Amaziing, an interactive maze, features our LED RGB Strips. RGB lighting powerfully contrasts the translucent marbleized acrylic sheets emphasizing the concept of color theory. Aqua, 30 custom acrylic sculptures illuminated with our LED RGB Strips. Our DMX Lighting Control System and our programmable Nicolaudie controllers allows for color changing light through static and dynamic scenes. RGB lights are controlled by the audience through a touch sensor. HaiiiMobile, made of over 200-floating custom acrylic elements illuminated with our RGB Strips and our Aluminum Profile K. The illuminated elements in HaiiiMobile create an illusion of time and space.

Haiiileen welcomes the community into her world of “RGB-ing” Her exhibit also features a fabrication lab focusing on electricity, wavelengths, and light theory.

Sponsored by Faulkner Plastics and GlowbackLED® and FPL SolarNow™

Project Overview: