Extra Drywall Recessed Twist Mounting Clips for Aluminum Profile Y, Y2, and Y3 for LED Strips

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Dotless LED fixtures

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Twist-lock system for recess mounting Aluminum Profile Y into drywall. Use with any drywall. Spring-lock technology allows for a secure fit in recessed dry-wall installations. Twist-lock clips are corrosion-proof and made out of stainless-steel.

Quick Specs
For Aluminum Profile, Housing, Extrusion Type Y
Material Stainless Steel
Finishing Chrome, Stainless
Includes (2) Twist-Lock Recess Mounting Clips
(2) Flathead Screws


Use to recess linear LED fixtures in drywall. Install fixture with twist-lock clips closed hugging the extrusion. Once inserted into tighten fathead screw and the clip will "latch" onto drywall. Use a min of (3) for sections up to 48" or min (4) for sections up to 96". Includes appropriate flat-head screw for installation
Extra pair of recessed drywall stainless steel mounting clips for Aluminum Profile Y
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Dotless LED fixtures
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