Fort Lauderdale Cristallo Kitchen

GlowbackLED Custom LED Panels
Fort Lauderdale Cristallo Kitchen

Within a spacious Fort Lauderdale home, the kitchen stands out with its innovative use of light and design. Cristallo quartzite adorns the countertops and extends to a full-height backsplash, all uniformly illuminated by our custom LED panels. This approach to backlighting showcases the stone's natural beauty and transforms ordinary surfaces into focal points.

The island, functional and stylish, boasts backlit stone waterfalls on each side. Every detail, including the underhang, is meticulously lit, demonstrating the capabilities of our double-sided LED panels. This kitchen is a testament to GlowbackLED's commitment to precision and quality, merging design with advanced backlighting solutions.

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Cristallo Quartzite

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Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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Disclaimer: Achieving flawless backlighting demands precision and teamwork. That’s why our Project Managers are prepared to guide you every step of the way. For optimal results, consider purchasing samples and producing mock-ups. Our approach encourages close collaboration with stone fabricators, stone suppliers, cabinet makers, contractors, electricians, and automation system integrators. Ready to shine? Request a quote or more details and let's light up your vision together.