Luxurious Backlit Quartzite Island in Kansas

GlowbackLED Custom LED Panels
Luxurious Backlit Quartzite Island in Kansas

When GlowbackLED and Jones N Co Design decided to partner, it wasn't just about illumination; it was about reimagining the art of backlighting itself.

At the core of our innovative approach was the desire to create a seamless stone silhouette. In most backlighting projects, the process necessitates a hefty built-up edge, sometimes detracting from the stone's raw beauty. But this project? It was different.

We challenged conventions with the introduction of a slender 3/8 inch plywood. After meticulous assessments, we ensured the cabinets provided optimal support for our bespoke LED panels. This radical approach reduced the internal stone space to a mere 3/4", allowing us to fashion a 1.5" mitered return that was both delicate and striking.

Beneath this elegant surface, our 6500K white LED panels lay in wait. Chosen for their unparalleled ability to showcase the stone's "natural" hue and intricate veining, they added a layer of magic to an already extraordinary project.

But our innovations weren't just skin deep. Embedded within was a world of sophistication. The custom LED panels, paired with our signature dimmable power supplies, gave homeowners the power to curate ambiance at will, via standard Lutron wall dimmer switches.

This isn't just another project. It's a testament to what's possible when innovation meets artistry, underpinned by relentless collaboration. At GlowbackLED, we don't just light spaces; we transform them.

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Cristallo Quartzite

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Kansas, USA

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Disclaimer: Achieving flawless backlighting demands precision and teamwork. That’s why our Project Managers are prepared to guide you every step of the way. For optimal results, consider purchasing samples and producing mock-ups. Our approach encourages close collaboration with stone fabricators, stone suppliers, cabinet makers, contractors, electricians, and automation system integrators. Ready to shine? Request a quote or more details and let's light up your vision together.