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Direct/Indirect (Up/Down) Selection

Direct and Indirect Light Fixtures are a popular lighting solution for offices, retail spaces, residences, and hospitality lighting applications. They feature an indirect "up" light and an direct "down" light. They are best suited for spaces with higher ceilings (10+ ft recommended), where the pendant linear fixture is going to be suspended over 24" from the ceiling. The up light (indirect lighting) creates a diffused glow which illuminates the ceiling above, while the down light (direct lighting) is used as a more efficient way to illuminate the space. Choose from our LVLBP24 (slim and compact), or our LVLBP34 (larger, but more light output), they are conveniently available in a range of different color temperatures, light distributions, and sizes.

LVLBP24 Suspended Linear "Downlight"
  • 120-277VAC Input
  • Direct/Indirect Lighting
  • Compact Up/Down Pendant Linear!
LVLBP34 Suspended Linear "Downlight"
  • 120-277VAC Input
  • Direct/Indirect Light Distribution
  • Multiple distributions available!