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Quick Connector for use with Color Changing and White RGBW LED Strips. Quick Connectors allow you to use cut pieces of RGBW LED Strip without having to solder on leads. This Quick connector comes with a 6" lead of 20-5 wire for RGBW LED Strip lighting.


  • Easily utilize cut pieces of RGBW LED Strips
  • No need to solder on leads to RGBW LED Strip
  • Excellent solution for quick, temporary or semi-permanent installations
  • 6" lead with soldered tips
  • Color-Coded wire to match

  1. Cut RGBW LED Strip at cut point
  2. Gently scratch each contact point on LED strip with a knife or blade.
  3. Remove 3M double sided tape backing
  4. Insert LED strip into quick-connector. Make sure the LED strip is under the lip of the quick connector.
  5. Check that orientation of strip is correct (use colors on wire)
  6. Close Quick-Connector cap.
  7. Test fidelity of quick connector, make adjustments if needed by "wiggling" LED strip and making contact.

We strongly discourage use of quick connectors for commercial projects, large-scale projects, or permanent quality installations. Contact-Us for custom soldering, we add soldered, secure leads to LED strips cut to any size.
Quick connector for use with Color Changing and White RGBW LED Strip Lighting
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